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looking for the man
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  Age: 41   Gender: Female   Race: Other   Location: st paul Minnesota United States
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About Me

I'll start by saying, I'm as 'real' as any woman can be. I'm not ashamed to cry, can admit when I'm wrong, and will fight for things that are important to me. I can dress up or get dirty. I despise drama and games (an unnecessary waste of energy), and will avoid them at all costs. Communicate and say it how it is...it's that SIMPLE! Essentially, I feel life is a pretty incredible opportunity, and should be traversed graciously, and with respect- onto others and oneself. And despite the hardships that it dishes out on occasion, I truly believe with the right attitude/outlook something positive can come from the most dismal situations.

I've been fortunate to be 'in love' several times in my life, and can honestly say I have no regrets.
I feel if you choose wisely, even the break-ups can be amicable. Saying that, there is something I feel I have learned in my relationship experience. I'm romantic enough to believe that love exists, but too much of a realist to believe it works well without compatibility. I'm talking- day to day, moral/value, financial compatibility. In my opinion, this is a major factor in order for any relationship to be successful. If nothing it leads to far less disagreementsembers

What I'm Looking For

What am I looking for... For starters, someone that can relate to what I wrote above. Someone that has a good sense of self, and isnt too proud to admit his mistakes or falters and can brush himself off, try again, or make amends. Someone that has his own life and respects I have mine - but can share the desire to balance them both. A good sense of family and friends is also important- as this is a huge part of my life. An ability to 'not sweat the small stuff' is a must-being able to put things in perspective, and not skew a situation in a negative direction.

Essentially I'm content with my life, and hope to find someone that has 'his own life', allows me to 'have mine', but can share the oars and paddle together (see, i can be corn-dog cutesy too ;). Happy searching to you all. Take good care


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