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Take your bow and arrow and shoot====
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  Age: 27   Gender: Female   Race: Mixed   Location: Newark New Jersey United States
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About Me

I am in College going for my BA in Business Administration. Then, on to performance arts school or institute for another 4 years. I am going to be a slave to the bank for the rest of my life lol I have a lovely pure female Maltese named Sapphire, obviously i love my sweetie pie muffin lol Don't run away, she's tamed lol . I consider myself quirky, sarcastic, intelligent, sweet, kind...you know all the typical adjectives everyone says on a profile to make them look good lol I love dancing and singing, and i have been trained in both since i was a wee little gal. I want to be a rich singer or/and dancer someday(Journey said don't stop believing). I love my friends and family; that is really important! I am still friends with most of my friends from High School, the Degrassi days(SHOCKER!!!). I love looking good, i am clean cut when need be, stylish is what i see and trendy is me!(look at my rapping' skills ohh lol). I am driven and a very hard worker, come to school; dressed to impressed. I do believe in JESUS, yeah i do, what!, what!, want some? lol . I am open minded though. Mind you, i am 21yrs old and in college, need i say more? I love anime like Inuyasha(fave), Japenese culture and i am like an 80's freak! ( Don't stop until you go go!). I love traveling, hanging in NYC, shopping(duh lol), reading, socializing, meeting new people. I can be a bit shy, but i lighten up. I was worse in HS. Yup, i am your typical all american gal.
What I'm Looking For

I am looking for whatever fits my puzzle. My puzzle has been hurt and not that many pieces fit because i do not put them in. Can a piece fit for you? Right now, the piece that fits is a friend, but maybe my puzzle is bigger than i thought. If everything works out, maybe 'more' can fit, and you can help me finally complete it.

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