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Driven to succeed, no brakes in this car.
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  Age: 29   Gender: Male   Race: Mixed   Location: Minnesota United States
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About Me

My name is Eric. I love to keep it simple, were all in the sky so i want you to see me from a Plane-View lol. Literally i'm a goofball, love to make jokes or come up with crazy punchlines, I am not like the rest, Ladies trust me on that one. Oh heres a serious note Disease Free. I have a alaskan german sheperd (fancy name right) I have my own car an own apt. Looking for a house but apt is maintenance free so im still on the search for my own fixer upper or nice house.

Im motivated i love to make music, i used to surf all the time when i was in japan australia north carolina california, mexico. all of them crazy places i travelled to, I travelled by force because I was in the Marine Corps.

5year combat veteran. Everything is still functional dont worry. Im taking life to a ease an just soul searching. Like wheres my other half at.

Secure job working at SCSU a college in St Cloud. as a Maintenance worker, and at a bar in Sauk Rapids. Bartender that will make your drink up right ;)

I love life because ive seen to much hate, i have no time for the baby daddy drama, or any of that he say she say. cause reality we all say sumthing that sumone is bound not to like.

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What I'm Looking For

Im looking for an in-shape, fun loving, down 2 earth I REPEAT DOWN to EARTH type of woman. Not a girl, a Woman. Immaturity seems to get the best of everyone i meet.

Dont be the toooo much jealous type but a littles ok because hey shows you care.
If i cant text u because im at work trust me i will get back to you eventually, dont call 2.5 seconds after u just texted me. lol thats annoying.

My downside is Communication, yeah i love to talk all day who doesnt, but not a whole whole lot on the phone. id rather talk in person.

If your the type that thinks your a 5star woman, an deserves a man who will buy you his bank account then walk away click the lil X-box button at the top of the corner of the screen. Im the type of guy that beleives we can have a great time an spend nothing, THATS RIGHT! Nothing! almost amazing to hear those words. Im in aww right now. LOL

Be a comedian, cause i love to laugh ill probably smile while looking into your eyes, youll ask whats up, or stop staring. Ill say sumthing cheesy or a goofy pickupline that i make up off the top of my head.

Dont wear too much makeup. LOL YOU SEE HOW PICKY I AM??! first off i hate the stuff getting all over my good clothes cause when u hug me it marks up. or i dont need a lip gloss on my cheek or lips that takes 5 showers to come off.


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