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How about someone not crazy??
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The Basics
  Age: 31   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Florida United States
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About Me

I'm a simple being. An insomniac workaholic is the best way to describe myself.
Not really looking FOR anyone at this exact point in time. Relationships have definitely kicked my ass recently and scared me into a little hidey hole for the time being.
I enjoy the basic things in life. I don't want a big romantic dinner that you spent too much money on. Picking me up on my day off for a surprise picnic in the park would be amazing though :]
I don't have too much to offer. I don't drive, i work too much and I'd rather stay in or chill with a few people then go out.
*Music is something that keeps me going. I love to sit on youtube when i can't sleep and discover new music :]
*I have 3 tattoos right now. in a few weeks I'll have 4. And by the time I'm done I'll have 10 :D
*4 piercings :]
^Update! 5 piercings and 6 tats. The way it's going there's gonna be more then 10 tats by the time i'm done :D

Alrighty then, after having this page for awhile I now know that I need to make some things evident before someone starts talking to me. This is not just typical female bitchiness. This is simply something that I've learned the hard way.
Here goes..

...I'm kind of on the tall side for a female. So, if you're not that tall, we will have issues. I like to wear heels but dislike towering over my date.
....I may consider myself to be in the "middle of the road" when it comes to politics, but most of my opinions are decidedly Liberal. Hardheaded Republicans unable to see another's view or listen to their views without getting into a heated argument need not apply.
...I smoke cigarettes. I'm trying to quit. It's an awful habit and I know it. However, if you harp about it or try to force me into quitting/listening to a boring lecture as to why it's so bad for my health, I will politely put my smoke out on your forehead.
...And finally,
It's not like I'm a stickler for spelling and grammar, but if I get a message from you that is filled with "U", "Ur", "tht", etc, it will be deleted. I HATE text talk. Please use your big boy words.

What I'm Looking For

If you're not an insanely jealous, bipolar angry midget, things might work.
As I mentioned before, I prefer tall males.
Someone with intelligence.
Someone who will want to joke around and wrestle with me would be nice :]


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