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hey people im nice hit me up
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  Age: 27   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: minneapolis Minnesota United States
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  Casual, In Need of Attention, Average
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  Occaisional smoker
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About Me

You will need to fill this in before Im Just A Simple Kid With Simple Tastes. I Have No Big Expectations From A Women And Hope They Have None For Me. - Some Nights Just Hang Out With A Quiet Dvd, Drinks, Food and Hugs Under The Blankets On A Winters Night But Other Nights We Can Get Loud And Messy, - It'd Be Nice To Have A Girl Who Isn't Immature, Dramatic, Complicated and Suffocating.. A Girl Who'll Want To See Me Just As Much As I'd Like To See Her But Not Go Overboard Would Be A Very Welcome Change. - I Love My Concerts And Would Love A Girl Who'd Join Me In Seeing Bands Basically - lol,i love My Music, Movies, Tv,.. I Like Metallica If You Don't Like It Thats Fine.. Just Don't Be Like Those Girls That Go "OMG! I Can't Believe You Like That Stuff.. It's So Gross" I'll Walk Straight Away haha - I Don't Believe In God But I Do Have Religious Friends and Have Had Religious Girlfriends.. Don't Spring Your Beliefs On Me and I Won't On You, Respect Others Opinions. - I Don't Give A SHIT! If You Have A Nice Ass.. Big Boobs.. Nice Legs Or Whatever If You Don't Have The Personality Then NO DEAL I Believe It Should Be 80% Personality and 20% Looks.. There Has To Be Some Physical Attraction, I Don't Care If Your A Size 14 With Small Boobs Or Whatever, You Got A Great Personality Then You Could Be The Best Looking Girl In The World To Me. - I SomeTimes Smoke But If you Dont I respect you Still- I Don't Mind Piercings, Tattoos, Hair Style, Hair Colour etc As long As Its In Good Taste. Im Personally Not Going To Get Piercings But Will Get Tattoos In The Near Future - I'm A Major Dog Lover So If I See Anyone Mistreat Them I Will Slit Your Hands Off Very Very Slowly So Don't Ever Mistreat ANY Animal.. I'm Sometime Scared Of Snakes and Sharks So If Comes Down To Life Or Death Obviously Protect Yourself But Never Do Anything Unnesessary Or I Will Hurt You. I Just keep It Simple. Have Fun At The Start And If Theres Something There Then Build On It If Not Then Weve Had Some Fun and Shared Experiences.. You Always Learn Things From Different People Thats What I Look For In Gurls This Is Bout Me. well im chase im 21 im ocd i hae 2 have shit in a certain places love cleaning if u see my room i have 2 vacuum my room everyday i love music hollywood undead i have anger issues like randy orton i fight for wut i want dont piss me off or i dont think yu will wanna be by me i HATE being ignored if ur busy i get it but I HATE being ignored i drink smoke have 3 brothers one doesnt live with us i am picky with my clothes i hate the cheap shit i go with southpole or hollister thts how i dress theres one person I HATE my moms bf i wish i cud beat him to a pulp he fuckin hits girls gets off on it he gets drunk he has 2 b in control i dont do anything because i wont go to jail but if he lays one hand on me heil to me the beast has been unlished but other wise im nice(:

What I'm Looking For

What Im looking for in a girl is someone who will understand me will be there to support me. Just a girl who will make me smile and keep me happy.


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