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I am a easy going, fun loving guy
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  Age: 33   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Pennsylvania United States
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About Me

I am a easy going, fun loving guy who wants to find the perfect girl. Until recently my search has been in upscale bars and dance clubs. I have to admit i have found a lot of girls but not the kind that i want to spend quality time with. I’m tired of the games of those types of places and girls who just want to hook up with out thinking about tomorrow. I am looking for a very special type of girl who considers a relationship a lot more important than how expensive your sports car is. A girl who thinks a good conversation is worth more than the chains you wear around your neck. I have a job I love, a car that gets me anywhere im going and a house that although is not mine is what i hope to buy soon. If you are looking for more than just smooth talk and fancy drinks one nite a week then maybe we are on a collision course that will cause the best accident of our lives.If my adventures have taught me anything its the type of girl I AM LOOKING FOR . When i find her I will do everything in my power to make her mine. If you are her I guarrentee I will find you !
What I'm Looking For

I'm always curious about pretty girls who go to these sites and cant find the PERFECT guy. YES, i know there is no such thing but guys tend to be willing to try to please any girl who is willing to spend 5 mins replying. So, what do you want ? Fun, interesting conversation, the respect of a worthy man ... I get the feeling girls come here and are approached by tons of guys and they end up picking the wrong ones because they dont look with their hearts and mind but just their animal desires ... im waiting for one who looks with their heart and mind .

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