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I am Stephanie! Fun, outgoing, caring and sweet
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The Basics
  Age: 26   Gender: Female   Race: Hispanic   Location: Texas United States
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  Casual, Stylish
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  Yes - living with me
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About Me

*Stephanie is my name* :)
-I love affection.
-If you can't hold my hand or kiss me in public, were going to have problems with that.
-Fun, outgoing and happy.
-I'm always up for last minute plans.
-I love shopping, swim team, tumbling, texting, driving, going new places, going to football, baseball and basketball games.
-I'm looking for someone who will commit and stay in a long term relationship.

-I am expecting in December. My first child. Very excited and can't wait to hold my baby.

-If your going to view my profile several times, over and over, at least send a message so I won't think your a freak and block you.
-When I am upset about something, I get quiet but will talk about what is upsetting me if asked.
-Turn off's would be smoking, heavy drinking, someone who wants sex all the time, someone that shows no respect for others, rude, and someone who is perverted
-Turn on's-good personality, knows how to respect people, kind, caring, a gentleman, affectionate, and likes to have a good time
-I am a night person. I hate waking up early, but it must be done sometimes.
-I hate scorpians, spiders, snakes, needles, sharks and the ocean
-I don't like one word text messages/messages. Come on, figure out something to say besides 'k', 'lol', 'haha', 'o', 'yeah', or 'ok'.
-I talk. Alot. Once you get to know me :)
-I text all the time
-I am a very positive person and try to make people feel better when they are upset
-I love animals (except snakes)
-I would date someone with a child, I am about to have one of my own and I think being single and having a kiddo is fine.
-I want a guy who will not only be my boyfriend, but also my best-friend.
-Someone who will always be there for me, love me and respect me.
-Someone who will make me laugh and comfort me when I cry.
-I am in love with anything medical. I love medical shows, movies, books. I think hospitals are fascinating.
-I sing and dance around the house when no one is home.
-I smile pretty much all the time, giggle when I am nervous.
-Pain? I cannot take well at all. Needles esp.
-Last. You should make me feel like i'm the only girl in the world, like i'm the only one you'll ever love, like i'm the only one who knows your heart :) Got to love Rihanna.

Going to Navarro in the spring to receive my CNA (Certified Nurse's Assistant) certification, then my LVN, and finishing with my Registered Nursing degree. I would love to move to Tennessee where the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is located, and become a nurse there.

I want to focus on pediatric care. I love working with kids. I know when I was younger, doctors wouldn't be as caring and comforting as they could be. I want to be there for kids and help them get through the pain they have to face.

What I'm Looking For

*Do not message me if all you want is a hook-up or booty call. Look somewhere else for that. If we happen to get into a relationship, sex will come much later into the relationship. NOT the first, second, third or even the 10th date.

*Do not message me if you are over the age of 25, 23 is really my limit but I will talk to you if you are younger than 25.

*Do not message me if you have the following problems: Extremely bipolar, drinking/drug problem.

*Do not message me if you are conceited, ignorant or rude. Being sarcastic all the time is def not a turn on.

*Do not message me if you cannot ever FORGIVE and FORGET. Were not in pre-school anymore. People say things when they are upset but do not sincerely mean them. If you can't accept an apology later, don't even bother getting to know me.

but DO Message me if you think we'd get along :)


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