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writing this from jail
Online: 2474 days ago   Updated: 2570 days ago   Joined: 2573 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 53   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: bayside New York United States
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About Me

I am nice to my mother and rarely kick puppies. No tatoos, no kids, one scar, no criminal record (that thing in Paris was just a misunderstanding).

I was quite possibly born on the wrong side of the equator.

I have some relatively useful skills (can make a mean lasagna and can dance the salsa) and some not so useful skills (can drive a tractor and curse in Dutch). I fixed my own toilet (never mind how many trips I made to home depot - who's counting?) Does anyone read this far ?

I’ve tried a lot of the things I always wanted to try (I would also like to learn to blow glass one day) – I’m looking for someone to help me make a new list ;).

Whatever it means not to play games, the only game I play is scrabble and something on my ipod (not proud of it, but that balloon thing is really addicting).

I have lived all over the world (mostly europe) and love to travel, but that is mostly because I love the TSA pat-down, but who doesn't?

my job:
I am a scientist. I am not an evil scientist (so hard to get good henchmen nowadays). I don't wear black socks with sandals. I am not trying to take over the world.

favorite things:
fireflies, nephew, pizza, bike, nephew, summer, dancing, nephew, reading, mojitos, nephew, music, did I mention I love my nephew?

last read:
The gospel according to Biff and a spam offering to increase the size of my you-know-what

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What I'm Looking For

About you: you can be slightly nuts (not wearing an aluminum hat nuts). You are secretly a little responsible. If your friends get a flat on a rainy day, they call you (and you go). You can remember how much you love someone even when they are driving you crazy. You look fetching in a tool belt. You don't park in handicapped spaces. You can have baggage, but it has to fit under the seat in front of you. Must have a pic

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