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Where have You Been My Whole Life?
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  Age: 32   Gender: Male   Race: African   Location: Murfreesboro Tennessee United States
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  Casual, Clean Cut, Average
  None but want some soon
  Occaisional smoker
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About Me

Disclaimer: This profile comes with a money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied within 30 days of reading this, you can return back to boring times and mediocre guys free of charge.:)

I shouldn't be telling you this, but when I play basketball I make more shots than a bartender. I lost a needle in a haystack once and found it. When I go to Wendy's, the entire menu changes to 99 cents. My carpet vacuums itself. Everyday is my lucky day. I am 5'10" on paper but 6'10" when you tickle me. When you meet me you will think that I am a rockstar that lost his guitar. I dance like I invented it. I hate fantasies because they always come true. I don't pay attention to fashion because it is always a step behind.

You are not going to believe it, but I party like it's 1999. I am America's Next Top Model on the inside. I never perspire, my strengths outweight my weaknesses. I have made an extraordinary four course meal using a spatula and a toaster oven. I am a steller hugger and a world class cuddler. I dance with the stars. I consistently beat Chuck Norris in arm wrestling. Sushi is my favorite food group. I bake 30 minute brownies in 20 minutes flat. Moms love me and children want to be me. I know the exact location of everything in the supermarket. I always pick the fullest and symmetrical christmas tree. I eat soup. I'm a go-getta. I sleep once a day. Basically.....I rock

So if you think you can handle me, you must pass this test(select one from each)

Tea or Coffee?
Sweet or Salty?
Bars or Clubs?
Text or Phone?
Movies or Music?
Red or White wine?
Money or Adventure?

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What I'm Looking For

Ok let's talk about you....

This is why you are cool-you are happy, compassionate, and reflexively kind. You can't helpbeing provocative and curious and original. You are open to the world, extremely bright, funny, well-read, and joy swims in the air around you. You can't help that either.

My ideal relationshipwhich I see in my future-we wake up and our lips are touching before ours eyes are even open. Then later we are walking along the Florida Coast. Waves splash against the rocks below us and every now and then, spraying our face. we sit arm and arm for an hour, not having to talk, just soaking in the beauty, the serenity, our joy at just being together.

I know if you're right for me, we will crack each other up every dayand settle into each other's arms every night. Do you know why?


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