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  Age: 38   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Michigan United States
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About Me

Hey name's Mike, I'm not shy and I take people up on bets. I have a sense of humor that others drop their jaws at. I'm well read and I use it to my advantage, while keeping you on your toes. People say I'm laid back and friendly, but I like to catch them off guard when it would be really funny. My job makes it difficult to meet people that aren't old ladies, and the bars just don't cut it for me, so here I am. I graduated UM Flint last year and work at a retail store/art gallery. I'm currently training to manage my own store, when we open our second location. I'm proud of the work I did to get here because it's the kind of job I always wanted. My goals are set before me and I know where I'm going. I've dealt with enough bullcrap at this point that I'm not about to give it or take it from anybody. I can be honest and blunt, but I'm not going to treat you like a piece of meat. I'd rather treat you like a lady. I like art, sculpting, drawing, writing novels, sketch comedy, science, science fiction, biology, the outdoors, working out, meditation, energy healing, nature, and music. I'm into a variety of rock music and metal, but every genre has something to offer.
What I'm Looking For

I'm open-minded and I'd like a girl I can relate to. Hippies, goths, geeks, nature people, lovers, fighters, and those that would NOT TAKE LABELS. I'm looking for a girl to date or start a relationship with, to be goofy and have a good time. Building a friendship is important to me. Tattoos are not a problem, but if you're not ready for that elusive, honest decent man, keep clicking. I'm a go with the flow sort of guy, so whatever happens, I'm not afraid to handle it, and if it doesn't turn out, I have better things to do than hold grudges or stalk you about it, lol.

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