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keep your hopes up high and your head down low
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The Basics
  Age: 32   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Litchfield Park Arizona United States
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  Smokes only when drinking
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  None but want some soon
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About Me

i currently live in new jersey, but will be moving to arizona by september. so NO, i do NOT live in arizona yet, and YES, i STILL live in new jersey. UNTIL SEPTEMBER. one would think that the first sentence would be enough to explain it, but one would be gigantically wrong.

i live with my mom, not because i have to, but because i choose to. my pets are the loves of my life. i have best friends, one of which is male. i think the word "poop" and farts are the funniest things in the entire world. i have 7 tattoos and i may get more in the future. anything sparkly makes me really happy. i am a bit of a homebody, but i will do just about anything with the right company. i am moody, thanks to still not being able to grasp my best friend and my grandmother suddenly being ripped from my life (along with every other life-altering change that has happened all in the last 4 years). i paint my nails a jillion times a week, and i change outfits at least 3 times a day. i watch a lot of tv, i curse, my music is loud and i occasionally drive like a jerk (im a jersey girl, what can i say). i cant stand to be rushed in the shower, i am highly opinionated, i HATE being late or being called "hun" (that REALLY bugs me, so please dont), i complain more than i'd like to, and i generally can't stand people (yet i flourish in the retail field, go figure). due to my serious love of food, i am not in the greatest shape of my life, but i have a killer hourglass figure and i am busting my ass to get in the shape id ideally like to be in. i hate beyonce, glee, and rita's ice. yep - i said hate and rita's. i have my guilty pleasures and i fully enjoy them. i have my moments of insecurity and need reassurance like any human being. these are some of my "flaws", but i am one fantastic woman - and even though i know it, i am humble and feel unworthy of compliments i receive. i am extremely caring and affectionate, and i don't think twice about doing almost anything to help someone that i have just met. i do not hold prejudices towards people, and while i believe that everyone has a right to their own opinions, intolerance (be it racial, cultural, religious, or love) has no place in my relationship. i know how to dress up (and look damn good) and i know how to dress down (and look just as good). i am a die-hard football fan (JETS...i am, after all, an east coast girl) and ufc fan. i am a mixture of the comedians sebastian maniscalco and robert kelly and a 1950's housewife. and one of my most favorite things? i have been told many times that i am an old soul, and i think that is fantastic. i know who i am. i am something worth everything and i will find someone to treat me that way.

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What I'm Looking For

someone who answer texts...and sends them without me sending one first. and sends more than 1 a day that consists of more words than "k" or "hi".

also, message me if you're a man's man. i dont want a six-packed, gym rat, muscle-head with less body fat than me, who showers twice a day and douses himself in hair gel. i want a guy who shuts down on sunday's for football, has a little gut (not from beer but from his love of food), and does "guy" things. bonus points if you have nice hands and arms :) i want someone who spends more time living and being happy than being concerned with others opinions of him. i want someone who doesn't have addiction problems of any kind, but can get nice and hammered with me when we need to bust out and have fun. if your first words are "no drama" or "no games", get away from me - you're the ones with the drama and the games. i want my partner. i am not one of those people who SAY they're looking for that and are really just looking to get laid - i have been looking for my partner my entire life and i won't stop until i find him.

i take my heart and who it's loved by very seriously. i have chosen not to settle thus far, and i dont plan to. sweep me off my feet, be ready to catch me when i need to fall, and treasure every moment you spend with me...and be prepared for me to do the very same thing for you. if this isn't what you want and you are not willing to put in the time and enormous amount of effort to make something real and to make it work, do NOT waste my time. also, if you happen to have some sort of defect that makes you not able to read and understand the insanely easy things written thus far (aka i DON'T live in phoenix and - as i've already said, i do NOT live in arizona yet) please do us both the favor and skip messaging me. obvious lack of attention to the simplest things on here will mean a deleted message with no response.

side note: i have had some crappy experiences on here, so be aware – i am not your slave. you will also not disrespect my family in any way, shape or form. if either one of these things isn’t something you can handle, don’t bother sending a message. and if you object to doing simple things like running errands and making dinner together, please - save us both the time and drop dead right now. think i'm a b***? that's cool...but just know i'm done dealing with boys and if you're not what i'm looking for, you'll be weeded out. and chances are, if you think i'm a b***, you're probably just intimidated. i want someone who ISN'T intimidated.

k...that's all :)


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