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i'm a social butterfly! flutter with me(:
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  Age: 29   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Fort Worth Texas United States
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About Me

Please, don't message me if you don't have something interesting to talk about. I can get "hey what's up" from anyone. If you can't catch my attention or if you don't have anything to say about my profile then our convo will probably be pretty lame. Also, don't message me if "u dunt spell gud" or "got bad grammar". on the other hand, if you think we'd be able to get along, feel free to message me! i promise i don't bite, unless you want me to(:

Moving on....

i love to be outside.
i love the water.
i like to do different things, not just sit around and watch tv all day even tho, i do like watching people play video games. i stink at them myself, but hey its just a game.
i think kids are amazing. they bring something to your world that cannot be replaced by anything else.
I'm usually not a super sweet affectionate person, but i def have my moments.
I'm very independent and strong minded. i take care of my own.
I'm very hard working but i also know how to have a good time(:
i have a great sense of humor and i expect whoever i end up with will too.
i am also very open minded. i believe drugs are tools and should be used as such.
i enjoy intellectual conversation, but I'll still laugh at a fart joke.

PS:: I love tattoos.. piercings... Not required, but body art is an awesome form of self expression and I totally appreciate it.

PSS:: figured I'd go ahead and throw the music in here. i enjoy so many types of music.. ill just name some stuff!
blue october
jack johnson
zero 7
pink floyd
aaron watson
bob marley
black sabbath
fountains of wayne
loretta lynn
postal service
john mayer
rage against the machine
Bob Dylan!
... okay i think thats enough

PSSS:: super big points if you know who bill hicks is(:

What I'm Looking For

I prefer to date men older than me, and taller. I want to be able to wear heels comfortably around you.
I'd like my guy to be motivated to go and do things. doesn't matter what things, just anything! have a passion for something. get off the couch and get excited!
Mostly, I just want a regular guy with a good stable job who likes to have fun, but can also be serious.
He should have his own "wolf pack" haha. some friends i can send him to when i need a girls' night.
I don't like jealous guys. I have a few good male friends and I'd like to still have them 10 years from now. I won't let a boyfriend come between me and my life just bc he has a self esteem problem.
I guess that's another thing, be confident! nothing is more attractive than confidence and a smile(:

I want to meet someone I can have fun with. Go do activities! Talk to about things in and out of our everyday life. I want to see the world and meet the different people in it. We all only get one chance at this life. I believe we should share it and experience it to the fullest as much as we can. I try to keep a zest for life as much as I can. Sometimes tho, life has a way of getting in the way. That's where I believe a partner comes in handy. To take you back to the spot where everything is okay. i am just looking to see what i can find on here.. the dating world is rough, and when you work as much as i do, its hard to find time to meet someone. i hope to find someone here, but honestly i dont know if i expect to.


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