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Jeopardy Lovin' Jersey Gal
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  Age: 32   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Bloomfield New Jersey United States
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About Me

First and foremost... Please don't read in between the lines. I wear my heart on my sleeve and let it all hang out. Deal with it. And if you prefer to overanalyze my profile, go right ahead.

I'm 25 and living on my own. It gets tight sometimes, what with the love of shoes and lack of budgeting skills. So some nights it's steak, some nights it's spaghetti o's. At least I heat it up first ;)

I think everyone should have goals.
As far as mine go, I'd like to own a business one day. Ideally I'd love to own a business doing what I do best - baking. I mean, there's always room for more dessert. I like baking bread the best.
I would like a family SOMEDAY (preferably not in the near future). I guess you could consider that a goal (?)
Other goals include traveling, getting organized, and regular flossing. note sarcasm

My hobbies include road trips, adding things to my bucket list, crossing things off my bucket list, brewery tours, baking, cooking, karaoke nights, and tequila. Wait... can tequila be a hobby?

I love trying new things. I don't deal well with stress. I like to be a leader. I'm stubborn. I LOVE making people laugh... especially at my bad jokes, and I find it very attractive when a man can make me laugh.

What I'm Looking For

Ideally 25-35, no drugs, no kids, no previous marriages, no crazy exes who are life ruiners and the like. Occasional smoking is ok. Tats are cool and even encouraged. You are financially stable, independent, proactive, strong-willed, motivated, and hilarious. You are as equally nerdy and picky as I am. You laugh at my jokes for real. You also like kids and want them SOMEDAY, are emotionally available, fun to be around, and make plans sometimes. You are a gentleman when it counts. You have similar interests. You will call me out on my bullshit, but admit when you are wrong.
*The unemployed, still living at home, emotionally/ financially unstable need not apply.


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