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  Age: 59   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: North Carolina United States
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My Philosophy for Romance and Love;

Romance doesn't happen haphazardly. It happens because we participate in it. It can not materialize out of thin air. To experience a romantic “connection” both parties need to be open to it and willing to engage in the romantic experience. By engaging, I mean by being able and willing to both send and receive the flirtatious signals. Through eye contact, communications, and of course physical contact. Many on this site say they will know “after the first kiss”. This is because they are engaging, participating, taking a part in allowing the romantic experience to materialize. Romance is not powered by it own energy. It is powered by, or inspired by the energy that two people put into it.
Holding hands, walking arm in arm, looking into each others eyes, hugging, kissing, cuddling are all action based precursors to the sensation of romance. A literal “connection” has to be made in order for the romance to be nurtured and inspired during a date.

If we are present for the date, but not available for the romance, meaning willing and able to engage in it, it cannot and will not materialize out of thin air. Without being inspired by both parties, romance can not manifest itself. No matter how nice the date is, how much talking is done... in the absence of making a “connection”, we cannot expect a “connection” to be made.

Having said all of that.. I am looking for someone who is affectionate. That is willing to hold hands, walk with arms around each other, look at each other with googly eyes, cuddle, embrace and kiss. I am not wanting to take people out on dates who are not available. Who are physically shut down, or are unwilling or unable to be romantic, because they are so guarded.

I am looking for that special someone who is both present and available. Who wants to romance and be romanced. That lady that I can make a connection with, so a connection can be made.

Now, let me close this portion of my profile with this; Many do misrepresent themselves online. They are posting pictures that are 5-10-15 years old, they are not being honest about their age, or their marital status, employment, etc. This is an absolute turn off for me. When I ask someone out for a date from this site, it is based on the words and pictures they use to display who they are. If I wasn't attracted to what I read and saw here, that I wouldn't be asking them out. So, if you show up for a date, and the person in front of me doesn't match what I saw and read online, I am inclined to end the date before it begins. I'm not a game player. I know what I want and am not going to settle for or even entertain less than that. In short, be up front about who you are, let your pictures be recent, tell the truth about yourself. Some people are so lonely that they will use a dating site as a place to make “friends”. My heart goes out to them. But I'm not here trying to make friends. I have many of them. I am here trying to find that special someone that is serious about developing a relationship, rocks my world, sweeps me off my feet, takes my breath away, and who I do the same for. If you are not truly attracted to me here, and are simply wanting a dinner date with a friend, please pass me by. If you'd like a dinner date, romance, and the potential for developing a long term relationship with me, then don't hesitate to say so. I am attracted to people who are open, honest and direct. Who are willing to go after what they want. I know that’s how I am. If you'd like to know more about me, write and ask. I will respond.

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What I'm Looking For

That special lady that is present and available, and is willing to grab the moment. Honest, spontaneous, ready for fun. Affectionate, funny, smart and stable in every way.

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