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Those who live in glass houses don't throw stones.
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  Age: 58   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Belleview Florida United States
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  Yes - not living with me
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About Me

A man who's wife was pregnant couldn't bear to be in the delivery room at the time of the birth. So he thought he'd ring up later to see if it had come yet. He rang up and the nurse said "it's a girl but there's another one on the way" He rang again later and the nurse said "it's another girl but there's another coming" He rang once more and the nurse said " it's a boy but there's another coming" He couldn't stand it any more so he went to the pub and got drunk. An hour later he was really nervous. He was dialling the hospital, hands shaking, and accidently dialled the sports line. He asked " how many did we get mate" the person said "198 all out.... and the last one was a duck" :) I take life as easy as it is. I'm fun, pretty easy going, down to earth, optimistic, very transparent/open and easy to get along with. I am honest, loyal and genuine. I like trying new things. I'm a positive and upbeat person, which ensures that I'm usually having a pretty good day and I'm smiling! I'm quick with a joke, but also a very good listener, and I am there for anybody that needs me. I am ready for that next step of expansion, deeper love, family and more adventure that life has yet to offers me. Overall I am outgoing, can be funny, confident, open minded about most things, caring, and passionate. I value deep relationships and I am ready to offer my gifts as well as grow in a relationship.
What I'm Looking For

I want a serious long-term relationship with that special someone filled with so much passion, hardworking, understanding, dependable, optimistic and confident, intelligent, funny, loving and honest, trust worthy and passionate. A best friend and partner. Someone whom we truly enjoy each others company and think of and miss each other when we're not together. We share many good times and can be there for each other through bad times too. Someone you can't wait to get home to so you can hear about their day and share yours. Someone who would share anything with me without holding back... Oh! it wouldn't suck if my partner could cook too.

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