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"let us come together and be as one"
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The Basics
  Age: 51   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Oklahoma United States
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  A few extra pounds
  Yes - not living with me
  Occaisional smoker
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About Me

My name is Mike, I am currently in school studying science of graphic arts. I am employed by the largest media printing co. in the world. right now I am disabled for awhile for I was passing out with no warning, but anyways, my family and I are a very close bunch, for 22 years we 5 were all we had in life; funny now we are doing our own thing, but we keep in touch every day. I was in a relationship for 7 years and now we are going our own ways. not much details without doing bashing and I will not do that ( even though she is )... I have a camper that my older sister and her bird and I are sharing out at lake carl blackwell in stillwater. it is alot of fun and there is always something to do. when not there i stay with my single dad on ten acres of mowed every week land in a three bedroom. by the way it is his home. Ilove to anything but complain ( caution i love to snuggle and spend 24/7 with the one I love) I will smoother you if you want. I was born over seas in Italy. i was in the navy myself and know a few languages...
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What I'm Looking For

I need peace in my life now, I can not handle conflict as well as i used to. I want a woman that knows what they want but not be over bearing. my pet peeve is asking me to help with kids then turn around and tell me they are not mine and butt out. I want a woman that wants to be treated as a queen and would treat me as a king, If you have to drink to have a good time, sorry dont finish reading this. I am not about the looks for the beauty of a woman is measured in how she treats her man and others. If you talk about checking your facebook then dont read any longer i dont want you. I am not saying I should be the focus of your life, but quality time is not me watching t.v. and you on face book. you know if you fart its ok just not in public lol i am not a pig and care very much about how i smell and look. but dont get me wrong again a woman standing in front of me with just a dress on is well a good thing. and the longer the hair the better( no I am not a hair puller) I just love long hair, but if i can run my fingers through it i will be fine. I love to laugh and yes i can cry also. but no I am not a baby or mommas boy. i wont ask nothing of you that i would not do myself.

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