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Honesty and Faithfulness is what i cherish
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  Age: 38   Gender: Female   Race: Mixed   Location: Lehigh Acres Florida United States
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About Me

I have many interests I enjoy photography, going to the cinema, listening to music, movies, art, literature, going out, having fun, nature, visiting Ancient monuments and stones circles. I love walking hand in hand through the park and watching a sunset together, going to a see a movie at the Cinema, I love watching movies, cuddling up on the couch with my man, holding each other, feeling our hearts beating as one, sharing everything with him, sharing all our hearts, bodies and souls, and also walking together holding hands around the local town or shops. When i close my eyes, i desperately long to see my creator. i can only imagine what that day will be like and i patiently wait for his return. in the meantime, i seek fun-filled friendships that god alone knows where they will lead. i love animals of every sort, but i only allow one indoors. i am also passionate about music and singing. i praise god for the voice he has given me. i love photography of the outdoors. i live a simple and no drama life. i love life with good and the bad. i do have a love for god first. i do go to chruch and bible study weekly. god is part of my life daily. i am the head greeter and hospitality at my church. i am organized, like things planned but i also like surprises! time outside listening to nature, walking down trials and roasting marsh mellows is precious. i am honest, patient and dedicated to service. I've had my share of "strike outs" in life, but i remain faithful and treasure the joy and the laughter that comes from living with Jesus. i love stimulating conversation about varied topics, interacting with people from different backgrounds and ethnicity, people watching :),and having a good laugh!
What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for a man who has God leading his life.(for real) I pray for a man that can lead the household in prayer and study and thereby be a strong spiritual influence. Tall order I know but I can be of encouragement and assistance. Also I enjoy meeting people of all nationalities and hearing their stories. I am looking for a hardworking man who is capable of getting by on his own but who would really shine with a helpmate like me. No drugs, no alcohol, no smoke.I am romatic and sentimental at heart. I do not play head games in relationships or whatsoever, so believe me what you see is what you get. I am only looking for marriage and commitment relationship that atleast last forever and maybe friendship. I would love to find my soul mate now. Everyone on this site has been out there dating and has had their hearts broken a time or two. That is why we are here in search of that special someone. Maybe that special someone is on this site or maybe we will meet that special someone somewhere else. We must keep in mind that God has his timing for each one of us. I am looking for that special someone as I'm sure every one of you are as well. I believe that Jesus is coming very soon. I pray for a strong, spiritual leader to stand beside me and help me to be a strong, spiritual follower. There are two things I desire more than anything, and that is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart and with all my soul, and have the most loving and intimate relationship with my husband - intimate in heart that is! Closeness of heart is very important to me. I also desire to love and honor the husband that God shall bless me with and to build the strongest relationship possible. I desire deep fellowship with the one I shall fall in love with - intimate conversation is very important to me for I enjoy heart to heart conversation

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