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Tired of gettin hurt..
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  Age: 35   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States
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  A few extra pounds
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About Me

I am a 29 year old Russian native, I been here 15 yrs nd no I have no accent, before u ask.. I do use a wheelchair do 2 a disability, but Im independent, I have my own place, drive nd I have a good job.. I am very willing to meet from here and I have met some good and not so good ppl.. I met so many ppl who r shallow nd r liars or who don't know wut the heck they want when I do, and that's a no in my book.. I have a strong personality nd make mistakes probably since I am a human lol so if u are looking 4 a perfect person I m not it.. Im easy to gain but easy 2 lose also.. I can b very outspoken which got me in trouble but unless u speak up, how do people around u know what u need. Its up 2 them 2 decide if ur worth the effort nd compromise. Sounds odd but very true..

I Love movies, music, sports and hang out with friends.. I go to many concerts since I'm not much of a partier, and I am a huge talker so I need someone who can keep up.. I hate spiders nd heights, but im sure many girls do lol I'm a good listener.. Love to laugh, text, work, sing and knit.. I love kids nd animals nd was told i can give a good advice, not that I myself practice what I preach lol I speak 2 languages obviously nd play piano as well..

I work in gaming industry nd Im in love with ny job.. I also go 2 school to become a graphic designer and hopefully getting my bachelors degree in 2 years so I'm very pumped 4 that..

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What I'm Looking For

As long as you are funny, outgoing And ur not shallow I am your girl.. If u lookin to settle down eventually.. If you want 2 date more than 1 person 4 months on end or have a million girlfriends who r just friends until u decides which 1 fits the mold, it won't work, this is not high school. "instead of datin a million ppl, show 1 person wut they mean 2 u a million ways". I believe in concentrating on 1 person at a time and when we know if things work out or not, and get to know each other, then we should broaden our "meeting new friends of opposite sex we don't already know" horizons. Sounds harsh maybe, but dating around a ton of ppl gets old, no1 should have 2 wait around, every1 wants 2 be happy, thats y most of us r on here, find true happiness, u cant do that if u r busy wooing many ppl, instead of just 1.

Either way I like anyone as long as ur funny nd sweet so feel free to say hello.. I love good conversations..


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