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LOVE music, reading, writing, and having fun!
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  Age: 29   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Pennsylvania United States
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About Me

Hi, I'm Sara. I'm a Western PA native. Eventually I want to move to the Carolinas but first I want to finish my education and get some more money. I love children and I want to be an Elementary School teacher some day. I know that it is hard to get a job in this area so I'm going to school for psychology for now. I love college but I hate having classes that are SO easy. Along with children, I also love music. I can listen to almost anything and enjoy it. Except polka. Its really only specific artists that I don't like. Some of my favorites are Justin Timberlake, 3 Days Grace, Katy Perry, Paramore, and 30 Seconds to Mars. I also love reading and writing. Lately I've been reading teen novels and teen suicide novels. I just finished reading "Go Ask Alice" and I loved it until the end. I wish that they could have given a little more info on her death. When it comes to movies, I like a lot of different styles but am a scaredy cat when it comes to horrors. My favorite movie EVER is Dragonfly, followed shortly by The Fifth Element. Of course I cannot forget my Harry Potter movies. Yes, I am a Harry geek. I HATE twilight and anything to do with it. That being said, I WANT TO SEE VAMPIRES SUCK SO BAD!!! It looks so funny. NCIS, Glee, DWTS, Mystery Diagnosis, and Family Guy are TV Favs. I'm pretty laid back but hyper at the same exact time. I'm definately one of a kind. If there is one thing in the world that can always make things better, it is laughter. I work full time, so I don't have too much free time but when I do, I'd rather be out doing something. Usually I don't though because I have no one to do it with; all of my friends went out of state for college. And yes I do mean ALL of them, sucks doesnt it?
What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for someone close by around my age who wants to have fun. I don't want anything too serious at the moment but that could change with the right person. I don't care what color you are as long as you are polite, can make me laugh, and not a total dunderhead. I would like someone with spontaneity, who can keep my on my toes, especially when it comes to going out. I want to try out new things, so you have to be somewhat exciting. Also, you cannot like Twilight. I am not kidding when I say that is a total deal breaker.

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