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sweet and simple male seeking Love
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  Age: 51   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: California United States
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About Me

I am gentle and kind and I would pour that on you, but I expect the same of you. I don't mind saying yes to things that are bigger than me, so long as I know God is in them first. One of my friends says I'm a walking encyclopedia; I love to learn! I'm fascinated by why things are the way they are and I like to share that.

My tendency is to be an introvert more than anything; however, I can be surprisingly shy or a ham in turns; I do pretty good sound effects (now there's a big seller!), I have a few classic impressions, and I also do science demonstrations for school kids and can totally crack them up and have them eating out of my hands (really...350 degrees-below-zero marshmallows are all the rage!).

While discretion is important and speaking in love is always important, I'm not afraid to tell things like they are (whatever the venue) and don't mind the backlash that sometimes happens. Sometimes I talk too loud (is that a male thing?). I will defend my opinions, but I'm willing to charitably discuss differences and am willing to work hard to understand other opinions and know your feelings, as well as abandon or change my opinions, and I would expect the same respect of you. It's really good communicating that way!

My sense of humor is somewhat off-beat, slap-stick, dead-pan, or cerebral (but not too much), sometimes quick-witted, and occasionally sarcastic with a flair of zing. I prefer being funny most of the time, but the trials of life can challenge that. Life is too short not to laugh and make light of difficulties while still being mature about them.

Oh, and that bit about being "thinker-quiet": that's not always the case!

What I'm Looking For

I cherish the opportunity to connect with you and will answer any of your questions and all of your mail; your efforts are valuable and your mail is an encouragement!

I am marriage minded, meaning that you are worth taking the time to sound out as a person. The ultimate depth of our relationship is not limited, nor is the time spent getting there; if little happens, that's no problem; if good friends are the result, I am glad for that; if marriage results, I find a good thing indeed! The exploration, the journey of getting to know you is really rewarding.

I'm looking for someone who wants to be a partner in love, a true giver. I suppose if I were to list all the relationship qualities I'd like, you'd be reading somebody else's book (there's a lot of good material out there)! The short of it is that I'd like to see communication and conflict resolution skills based in love; also generosity, affection, encouragement, joyful attitude; commitment, faithfulness and passion; honesty, mercy, grace, romance, laughter, forgiveness, charity and unity, respect. I like a person with a perky, joyful and social attitude who balances my usually even-keel and independent temperament; a little crazy will also match my zany streak. Gentle and winsome are very good traits as well. I think I should just say, "Thou shallt be perfect!" :)

I would like you to be 38 to 50, who takes care of herself in weight, physical fitness, and appearance; I appreciate excellence in inner and outer beauty; I want to be captivated by my mate and a beautiful face and feminine figure are part of that. I am often guessed to be 10-15 years younger; I am good, strong, and physically fit; I am asking that you value and practice these qualities as I do.

You should not be high-maintenance in the diva kind of way. I am able to love you as much as you want to be, I want to experience you in the same way.

My child is very important to me. I would want you to accept her as if she is your own, at least so much as you have a chance to get to know her.


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