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Where do we go from here?
Online: 3687 days ago   Updated: 3687 days ago   Joined: 3757 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 55   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: tacoma Washington United States
The Details
  Yes - not living with me
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  Slim, Thin
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About Me

I CAN CHANGE! People say that people cannot change or that you can't change a person. Well I do not agree. When dating we encounter relationships where each man/women is different. Now I know that with one man I may act one way because he brings certain things out in me, and with another I will act the opposite. One might say I am not being myself and that I am fake! Well not true, With each man brings out different qualities I possess, they are brought out by the way a man makes me feel when we are together. So if you want me to be a certain way then I will change as long as you are enabling that change by your actions and the way you treat me. So basically I can be anything you want I can act exactly how you want as long as you treat me in the proper manner to expose those qualities! Make sense? I hope so. Because I think I just confused myself LOL
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What I'm Looking For

I joined thinking I knew what it was I wanted and hoped to find but now that I am here I am not sure what I want (typical women) But seriously I am going to just let things happen. I may meet someone that I like that just wants to be friends and I am cool with that. Or maybe someone else who wants to date, I might be cool with that, and someone who wants it serious and maybe I decide I am not so cool with that. Who knows from here on out I am just going to go with it and let it happen.

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