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waiting on a woman
Online: 2018 days ago   Updated: 2020 days ago   Joined: 2020 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 26   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: antioch California United States
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  Very Short
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About Me

You will need to fill this in before yowell my name is tim. my spelling isnt the best nor am i the most attractive and i dont have a car, but my personality makes up for it. im looking for someone who is easy going and not the jealous type. i mean a lil bit is ok its kinda cute but the over the top is well irritating. i like going out and doing stuff just as much as i like staying at home watching movies. i do like a bit of variety. also if your kind of nerdy ( video games, mini war gaming ect.) its a plus. like everyone i have been hurt and messed over but unlike most i use the experience to better myself and help others i dont use it as a reason to hide from loe and stuff. speaking of love, well im kinda losing hope for it the whole getting married and all that jazz seems to be a fairy tail nowadays. also i need someone who can be real with me. like tell it to me how it is. i k now it may hurt me but its better than lying and having me believe some made up bull shit. so if you think you may be interested hit me up i dont bite. and if you need someone to talk to and or vent things out to im here for you as well. and i mean that cuz like i said i have been through alot, and i know what its like to feel alone. so if your up for it, lets talk
What I'm Looking For

basically someone who is not gunna judge before they know me, someone sweet, someone who likes to cuddle and kis, someone wo can deal with alot of humor that can be taken in the wrong way ( even tho its all in good fun) being nerdy is a pulse and not to jealous a lil bit is ok like i said but not to much

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