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All you need is love!
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  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Mixed   Location: Los Angeles California United States
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About Me

Hi there!! For starters, I love love love life and all of the wonderful people around me that make it oh so precious!
FAMILY and Friends are the most important aspect of my life. I adore them would do anything for them in a heartbeat! I love them to pieces! They are my world.
I'm a nerdasaurus, or you may know it as a dorkus, yea I'm super super nerdy! :)
I LOVE LAUGHING!! I bring FUN to any and every situation! Thus, I make the best out of every situation. Life is short, LOVE the life you have been given!
I'm super silly, a total goofball, but know when to be serious as well! ( Afterall, there is a time and place for everything)
I believe everyone should be treated fairly regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, don't dig it? You can stop reading now, thanks! :)

I love to make my family and friends laugh 'til we're practically rolling on the floor, you know, when you've laughed so much, your stomach hurts! They're usually say, "Stop making me laugh...my side hurts! Hahahaha...Ahhhh" :)Yea, that sounds about right! Ooooh and they say, my laughter is quite contagious! :)

I'm sporty, yet girly! I'm super easy-going, full of energy, totally enjoy watching a good movie, Like I said, I love laughing! Hence, I love comedies and stand up comics, as well, or some show on the Telly (think comedies, not so much reality shows) or randomly driving somewhere I've never been, absolutely love exploring new places and of course ol' favorite one's, as well. I absolutely love the Beach! Whether it be laying out in the sun, sleeping, reading, I want to learn how to Surf! A place where there are no sharks, please! I also love cozy bonfires! I also love to cook for my family and friends, and bake cakes! Whenever, someone gets sick, I try my best to take care of them...whether it be by giving them extra love and attention or buying them meds and such. I really like to take care of people and am just really affectionate, in general. I love giving hugs and holding hands with family, friends, and of course my special someone! Hence, I'm a huge fan of cuddling:) I learned it from my Granny, God Bless her soul. I miss her each and everyday :)

On my way to becoming a certified Teacher,I will be applying to grad school this fall. Super excited! I graduated, almost two years ago from UCLA, and it's time to go back to school for my Masters. I love learning and can't hardly wait to teach the little one's. I've worked with Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade and they are the cutest! I want to be able to teach Pre K- 5th grade. That is the ultimate goal. I love children....they are the best! :)

Love love love traveling, whether it be to Tahoe, Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Yosemite, and I plant to travel all over Europe in the near future! :)

Fun fact: I want to learn to play the Guitar :)

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What I'm Looking For

I'm a hopeless romantic! A fellow hopeless romantic would be....lovely! I'd like to meet a guy who is also big on family! Yes! Yes, a guy who loves to spend time with his family. A guy who adores his family, just as I adore mine:) I must say my parents are my two favorite people in the whole world! They're the sweetest flowers in my garden of life! I love them so much! I'd like to meet a guy who is super LOVING, has a big heart, PATIENT, kind, intelligent, honest, loyal, respectful, supportive, SINCERE, and very importantly affectionate, Sorry, you must LOVE to be affectionate!A guy who is mature, yet a kid at heart. A guy who is easy-going, lives life to the fullest, has a good---no great sense of humor, whether it be relaxing and watching movies, going to the beach, taking roadtrips, going to comedy clubs, concerts, art museums, family parties, or going out to an amusement park. Someone who is up for trying new things and likes to lead an exciting life, like myself! A guy who loves kids, I love kids! Especially someone who will not mind...hanging out with me, when I babysit my godson and little cousins!
A guy who knows what he wants, has aspirations, goals...just as I am following my dreams and making things happen in my life:) A guy who will be my bestfriend and lover :) A guy who will cherish me, just as much as I will cherish him, as I give my all...so must he :) A guy who is there in the good times, as well as the bad times, I'm super supportive, whether it's a truimph of my partner's or if he needs someone to just be by his side through hard times,I'm there, I think a guy should do the same! A guy who actually listens and pays attention to what you say, a guy who cares about what you have to say for that matter.A guy who appreciate my bubbly and silly ways :)
A guy who will actually appreciate me sweeping him off his feet!


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