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  Age: 60   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: New Hampshire United States
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  Clean Cut
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  Grey, Brown
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  Very Short
About Me

My friends would say I am an outgoing, adventurous, fun loving, generous, and caring kind of guy. I am searching for someone I can share some great times with, go places with, share hobbies, and just have fun again.

Although I do enjoy quiet times at home and cuddling in front of a fire or the TV watching a good movie or TV show or sporting event, I really do like to get out as well. I`m not much of a couch potato. Going for a nice walk, or hike would be a lot of fun and good excersize too! I will often walk the course when playing golf just to get some excersize (I`m not much of a gym rat)

I do try to stay in shape (hey, round is a shape, isnt it?) LOL!!!

I live in Keene, N.H., and work in Marlow, N.H. and have been employed there for 30 years.

I am currently living in one of my apartments until I can decide on whether to buy a new home or just stay here until I find the right woman, which means that I am free to move if I should so desire.

As for my photos, they are recent (taken from early Aug to Oct of 2010) and I have been told they dont do me justice and that I look better in person (wish I had done a better job of taking them. LOL!!!). Some of the group outings that I have been on, there were pics taken as well, and boy did we have some great outings! Those are the pics with all the beautiful women in them. they are some of my new friends, but are only friends. they have no interest in a relationship with me due to the distance (they all live around the Boston area)

I love children and regret not having any of my own, I Love to spoil them and play games/sports with them and just watch them grow. it`s amazing how much we learn from them. They are fearless and have such a different outlook on life. Wouldnt it be nice to go back to those years? no worries, just have fun! At the age of 51, I feel I may be too old to start a family (although I am certainly willing if thats what we both decide), but if you have kids (or grandchildren), thats great! If not, thats ok too (we can act like kids ourselves, hahaha!)

I am also a huge animal lover, especially dogs. We had (9) Miniature Pinschers and boy do I miss them!

I love a wide variety of music from old rock like: Moody Blues, Chicago, CCR, Eagles, Beatles, etc. to newer rock like: Daughtry, Nickleback, Theory of a Dead Man, Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin, Saving Able, Linkin Park, etc. I like some country music too like: Rascal Flatts.

I love to play board games like Pictionary, Scrabble, Cribbage, Trivial Pursuit, Uno, Backgammon, etc. Either with a group of friends or just the 2 of us.

I also like to bowl or play a game of mini golf? Been bowling for over 35 years although over the past couple of years I havent bowled competitively due to injuries, and I am always willing to try new things. Want to share your hobbies and interests with me?

One of my favorite hobbies these days is making jewelry and I set up at a few craft fairs to show off what I make (and hopefully make a few bucks while I am at it! LOL!!!) It`s a lot of fun!

I am also very passionate about playing Golf and try to get out about 3-4 times a week after work or on a sunday morning in a weekly tournament, but I wil gladly give up some of that time to spend with the right woman.

I am hoping to find that one person that I can grow old with and charish. I want someone to hold, kiss, and pamper. I believe in PDA (public displays of affection) And I would really like someone to go places with. I am tired of living alone with nobody to share things with. I was basically alone for the last 16 yrs of my marriage. She had her hobbies and intersts and I had mine and neither of us had much interest in the others (she had her dog shows and I had my sports: golf, bowling, etc.) So that left me a lot of time to myself and now its time to spend some "quality" time with someone who will appreciate me and all I have to offer!

I love to spoil the ones I love and will often buy little gifts just to see the smile on their face. No special reason other than the fact that I like to see that precious smile! I love playing Santa, so it`s always Christmas for me! LOL!!!

The past is just that, the past. it is time to move forward and start to have fun again!

I am brutally honest so if you dont want to know something about me, don`t ask the question. I believe that no good can ever come from lieing and you cant start any relationship based on a lie. It will only come back to hurt you in the end. Trust, honesty, integrity, understanding, are all essential in a relationship. As well as chemistry, common interests, and romance.

I am putting myself "out there" and have given you quite a bit of information about myself, now it`s your turn to tell me about you.

If I sound like the type of person you are looking for, please give me a try.

What I'm Looking For

I am very new to this online dating scene so I am looking for a good friend that could possibly turn into something more serious down the road. I am not looking to be a "player" and am just hoping to find that special woman that I cant live without. And I believe that chemistry is an important part of any relationship both from the physical as well as the personality. Please have a photo for me to be able to see the real you. you can tell so much about a person just from the photos.


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