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I am here to meet my happiness and true love
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The Basics
  Age: 57   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Florida United States
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  None, None but want some soon
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About Me

I am a very happy person and very thankful for so many of

the little things in life.. I love a glass of fine wine, an occasional

martini with a close friend, and a beer with Mexican or

Thai food. I am passionate about art museums, old books

and can get lost in a bookstore or the gym for hours. I

try to surround myself with positive things and try to

avoid negativity. I don't like conflict or drama. I think

there is a way to communicate without having to say words

that only wound a relationship and you can't ever take

them back. I love to laugh and enjoy doing just about

anything within reason but love a good adventure. I like

to dance, read,bike, hike, camp, and do anything

outdoors. I enjoy sports, running and working out. I like

to be around people, but I also like moments of solitude.

Family is important to me and I love children - well

behaved ones...lol I am a Christian. I pray for my

country, our troops, our leaders friends and my family.

There are so many things that make me happy, the only

thing missing is a special person in my life. I am

looking for intelligent conversation, laughter, and lots

of passion. I want my partner to be my friend and

playmate. I'm very affectionate, and loving and am

looking for someone who can be gentle, lovely, and silly

all at the same time. I am attracted to intelligent women

and prefer heart over looks, I am looking for intimacy

and a monogamous relationship where communication is key

and with that a passion that encompasses all of our

senses.Love is not about finding the right person, but

creating a right relationship.It´s not about how much

love you have in the beginning but how much love you

build till the end.

What I'm Looking For

Now all I really need is to find that special woman that i can share and enjoy and grow with for the rest of our lives.A true friendship where we are destined to be together and enjoy all the great things life has to offer. She would be smart , sweet, Independent and a honest, caring,loving ,faithful, trustworthy or . Chemistry is key without there is nothing!!! It doesnt begin and end with looks but must admit its important. Also its all in the kiss , their is nothing better then a long soft kiss with someone that makes you shiver that my happiest


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