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Love is friendship
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  Age: 49   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: North Carolina United States
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About Me

About me:
Compatibility really makes or breaks a good connection. Without something solid to build on, the most powerful of attractions could soon fizzle without the presence of something substantial to nurture it and make it grow. Open minded, good communication, healthy lifestyle, positivity and sense of humor are a few of the fundamentals that I look for...the rest is a matter of feeling.

Me: I am a bright, sexy, confident, independent man with a wicked sense of humor... I enjoy a full wonderful life with my family and friends.. However, truth be told it gets lonely at times. What is missing is the passion, warmth and feeling of being connected with someone special....

Don't get me wrong...I'm good on my own... great family, great friends, great job working with great people. House and cottage. I'm happy and life is good. I'm not desperate. I'm just single and looking for something better. I just don't look very hard. Did I mention that life was good?

But it's that so many things in this town, and for that matter, in this life, are built, or meant for two.... or are better for two.... or funnier.... or just work better when shared. You know what I mean. That's where you come in, because without you there's no "We" and "We" can have a life that's bigger and better than the sum of the happiness that we already create within ourselves.
I'm looking for:
You: You're so the same, but you're so different I haven't recognized you yet. Of course, that's why you also have several pictures. Character is good. You should have some and be one too. Independence is good. I would like to meet an outstanding woman who is deserving of my affection and love.

What I'm Looking For

An ideal woman possesses intelligence, has a sense of humour, and looks at the world with optimism. I enjoy conversations of all kinds, so it is important to me that someone can express ideas and opinions. I don't want to argue. I just want to know what you think. I love to be surprised by someone. I have very little desire to jump out of a plane or scale a mountain, but hopefully I can find someone who will try new adventures and experiences. I like to think of myself as a well-rounded person and I hope to find a woman who appreciates the importance of a diverse lifestyle. I am not the pub type of guy. I try to explore our province as much as possible and love to drive around the lower mainland finding new places and sights. I have seen enough of the world to know we are fortunate to live here

To find that great person that i would spend my life with and grow old with.. i am very emotional and little things could make me cry.... as i have been hurt in the past by someone i really care much about... i did put all my trust and sacrificed alot to make things work.. but i guess she wasnt the right one for me and i believe we might have soul mate far away in another country, its just left for us to follow our heart and find them....I love the word together and together we can make things work when we understand each other more..Life itself could be very stressful sometimes but we need to take it slow and take every moment slow and pray that everything good work for us, while every moment count


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