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ITs not the Steak..Its the Sizzle...
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The Basics
  Age: 46   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: none Florida United States
The Details
  Occaisional smoker
  Clean Cut
  None, None but want some soon
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  Average, Athletic
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About Me

I am a 38 yr old, white, professional Florida State Mechanical Contractor, with my own HVAC Company...

I have recently fell out of a very counter-productive relationship with someone I met(yep, you guessed it, on-line)

I dont do drugs, although my ex- was an avid pill head...

I am just looking for a really good freind (at first) to have fun with...And i dont mean sexually...Just someone i can trust, someone to confide in, and live life without any Drama...

I am open to alot of things, so I am not one who is hard to please. I spend a lot of time running my businesses, as well as devoting as much time to family as possible.

I own a night-club in Crystal River, Florida called Mannequins, although it is temporarily closed due to my recent break-up...

What I'm Looking For

I am looking for someone with goals, dreams, and aspirations of things yet to come...these qualities are important to me. That person who wants more out of life than to "just get by." A woman who is willing to devote everything-not materialistic things- to the idea of a perfect relationship, friendship, or whatever.

A strong and INDEPENDENT woman who knows who she is, and what she wants out of life. I am not the "up-your-ass" kinda man. Meaning that, I am NOT so insecure that I feel I have to smother anyone 24/7 to ensure that there is no infidelity; ANd where I am a very faithful and loyal person, I dont put unrealistic expectations on others...People are going to do what they want to, regardless of what I say or think.. I find that it is better to allow the woman I am with, the freedom to do as she chooses...If the love is real and mutual then there should never be any doubts about what the other party is or isnt doing. Nobody should have to be tied down in an unhappy relationship full of rules and restrictions...life is too short. The only Rules and Restrictions we should have are the ones we place on ourselves, when we find that special someone for life.

First Date

I have no visions about what a First Date will be like; I have seen and done many things in the short span of 38 years of life...Something as simple as sitting on the couch talking and laughing would be fine. I have done the fancy dinner and party thing, but found that it was always seemed so superficial...or that it ended up in a relationship that was far from what I had intended or expected.

I am a pretty simple person...Often, it is the quiet evenings together, the laughing and companionship, that means more to me than anything else more extravagent.


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