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Single As A Dollar And Looking For Change
Online: 3754 days ago   Updated: 3754 days ago   Joined: 3754 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 36   Gender: Male   Race: Mixed   Location: Livonia Michigan United States
The Details
  Occaisional smoker
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About Me

I'm pretty awesome, This one time I saw a baby laying on the train tracks crying and there was a train coming. I jumped in front of the train and started doing Michael Jacksons Thriller dance and it stopped instantly. No but seriously I just walked into Walmart and started doing the Dougie.

I'm obviously totally random, but don't worry I can actually hold an intelligent conversation about the optimization of lymphedema therapy or we could just talk about the latest episode of Dexter. I'm a musician, I've played guitar and piano for 16 years. Currently taking a break from the band thing but I'm sure that wont last long. I'm always listening to music whether it be at work or at home. I always have a concert planned within the next month or two and I'm always down for a last minute show if someone suggests it.

My love life has consisted of a very repetitive cycle. Man meets girl, girl is awesome and thinks man is awesome. Things are super great between man and girl but out of nowhere girl turns into someone else..Man dumps girl, repeat cycle.

It would be nice to meet a girl that doesn't put on an act at first then turns into someone completely different down the road. I'm really not a picky guy, however I do have a thing for brunettes with pretty eyes.

I have my own vehicle, my own place, my own job..I'm very self sufficient and never mooch off of anyone. I'm very close to my family and friends and I'm about to be an uncle I'll add more if I even get on here again bwahahaha.

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What I'm Looking For

Normal People, no baggage,If you're still in love with your ex don't bother.

If a firefighters job can go up in flames, and a plumbers job can go down the drain, can a hooker get laid off?

Would you call a fly without wings a walk?

Why do they call them apartments when they're so close together?

Why do people park in driveways but drive through parkways?


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