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Hey Sexy, Can you handel this?
Online: 2737 days ago   Updated: 2738 days ago   Joined: 2738 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 26   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Colorado United States
The Details
Body Type:
  Stylish, Average, Casual
  Yes - living with me
  Occaisional smoker
Eye Colour:
Hair Length:
  Shoulder Length
Sexual Orientation:
Hair Colour:
About Me

Im Bi n proud, Im outgoing,have lots of energy, and most people can't handle me,
charming, warm, I get along with almost everyone, Im relaxed, chill, light hearted and accepting, Flirty, I have gray eyes (but they change), Red hair, I'm 4'10 n proud, I am slight chubby but I love who I am and the way I look. I have Anuptaphobia, I use to dirt bike. I am a Juggalette and I love ICP and Tripp pants. I am amusing. I love to be silly and Laugh a lot and sometime Im a class clown I make people laugh when they are sad. I love to be goofy and have a great time.
I can be serious at time when I need to be. I am a Cuddle freak, I love to kiss but not to much, I love to hold hands and to be in your arms. I love to sing but I am not that good. I draw anime, I love to paint random things.
I listen to some country music, mostly rap and Juggalo related song. I use to have a daughter but she passed away at 2 months old. I love kids, Im a babysitter! But I do want to start a family soon.

Here are some intrests:
Favorite To Do: Dirt Bike,(4 wheeling (want to try) Explore, go in caves, dig up old things, Drag race (only tried onces and Im addicted)
Favorite Music: ICP, Twisted, ABK, Rap, Some country.
Favorite Movies: SAW movies (1-6) almost anything scary, Comedy
Favorite TV Shows: MTV, Cartoons, Chramed, VH1
Favorite Books: The Outsiders
Favorite Quote: " Hating me wont make you Pretty." (have the shirt) "Im not short Im funsize." (want the shirt)

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What I'm Looking For

After having my heart broken so many times, I am very picky on the type of guys I want to date and want in my life.

1. Good looking
2. No criminal record unless I excuse it
3. Charming
4. Has a good job n lots of money
5. A car
6. Doesnt have more then kid
7. One to make me giggle n smile
8. Tells me he loves me n means it
9. Won’t cheat on me
10. Caring
11. Can handle me
12. Loves me for me
13. Has time to be with me
14. Won’t make me pay for the dates
15. Kisses my forehead often or Cheek not always on my lips
16. Is outgoing n calm
17. isn’t afraid to bring me around his friends
18. After we break up won’t go off telling ppl what we did
19. Doesn’t just want sex with me
20. Won’t dis me cuz of my size
21. Will stick up for me when others won’t
22. Doesn’t say things just to make me happy
23. Can be trusted
24. Doesn’t smoke pot
25. Drinks on 4th of July n New Year’s n birthdays only or not at all
26. Won’t kill himself if we break up
27. Doesn’t threaten me
28. If we fight n I hang up. Call back n apologize no matter whose fault it is
29. Tell me more I’m beautiful then sexy and hot
30. won’t ever! Ever! Ever! Lie to me
31. isn’t afraid of my wild (clean) side
32. Loves my silly side
33. Ain’t no player
34. Lives close to me
35. Can be silly with me
36. Is in/going/went to college/ high school
37. Love to cuddle but not too much
38. Accepts Juggalos and lettes
39. Calls me every night to say goodnight and I love you
40. Treats me like a human
41. Remembers our monthly/yearly anniversary
42. Doesn't text while on the phone with me
43. Loves me at my worst and best
44. Doesn’t EVER text while with me
45. Doesn’t call other girls baby, angle, cutie, sexy, hottie, hunny
46. Tell me I’m his/her everything
47. Doesn’t break my rules
48. isn’t Abusive and leaves marks
49. Doesn't tell non-blood family I love you
50. Doesn't cling to me
51. Doesn't rely on my to do everything for them
52. Doesn't use me for my car
53. Respects me
54. Listen to things I tell them
55. Gives me their attention
56. Doesn't use other things for excuses
57. When on the phone and we are talking, don't interupt to hang up and do other things
58. Doesn't take other people pills or drugs
59. Isnt additced to their phone
60. Can be immature with me
61. Doesnt hate me cuz Im often Immature
62. Doesnt freak out when I drink or lick Blood
63. Is ok with me being a wiccan
64. Is ok with me doing black n white magic
65. Doesnt think Im crazy when I tell them my dark secret
66. Can accpet my abilites
67. Wont use me for my money
68. Wont go behind my back to try and get back with their ex's
69. Wont fuck with my feelings, they are real
70. Short like me
71. Slightly cubby, like 210 pounds


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