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The " Good " Badboy
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  Age: 46   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Illinois United States
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  Occaisional smoker
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  Yes - not living with me
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About Me

I'm looking for a woman who knows what she wants and treats her man like she would wanna be treated in return..... I've had lots of bad luck in the past with ex's who claimed they were ready to settle down , and claimed that they loved me... I learned a lesson from my past relationships.. I learned that not all women are the same... It's not fair that I don't give the next woman in my life a chance just because of how my ex's treated me... If you are on here for a FWB or one night stand then move on.. If you are confused about what you're wanting in a relationship , or have ties to your ex's ( besides having kids together ) then I'm not the man for you.. If you're a player - MOVE ON!!! I have no tolerance for immature games what so ever and I will delete you immediately!!!! I am a loving , honest , faithful and caring man , who would do anything in the world for that special woman in my life!!! If I veiwed your profile and didn't leave a message - it's not that I don't like you , or I'm not attracted to you... Maybe I just can't think of anything to say at the time... I'm attracted to women with gorgeous hair!!! , who wear sexy black tops , jeans , high heels , wear purfume that would make me buckle at the knees!! I love Rocker girls!!!! I also like women who dress conservative and sexy at the same time... I do believe in opposites attract!!! If you have something to say to me please feel free to send me a message I am always up for meeting new friends and having intellegent conversations.. I love to laugh to!!!! I love to associate with optomistic people!!!! Negative people bring me down and I can't have that in my life .. I've been through enough:0)

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What I'm Looking For

Looking for someone special to come in my life who is willing to bend over backwards for me as I would do for them and treat me with the love and respect as I deserve...If you are a player , liar or cheater - I am not the man for you , and you need to move on!!!!

I'm a loving , caring , and giving man who will do anything for my friends as long as I know they appreciate what I do for them.. I do not like liars , players or cheaters!!!! I am not interested in jumping into a relationship. I wanna take time to get to know a person first before I make that decision. I've learned alot from my past relationships... And I know now what I need to do in order to make the next one ( hopefully my last one ) work... I didn't give some of my ex's a chance for certain reasons like how they carried themselves , their lifestyles ect.. But I'm willing to go out on a limb this time and give the next woman a chance to be in my life...

I'm open to anything on first date .. Where ever we decide to go is fine with me as long as we both feel comfortable together.. Even if we don't have chemistry I still would like to finish the date and make the best of it!!!!!

" The shit you hear about me might be true ... but then again it might be as fake as the bitch who told you "need to fill this in before you can start messaging other members


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