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Its a beautiful life
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  Age: 39   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: South Carolina United States
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I love to learn about anything , psychology , philosophy , physics , history , just some of my favorites. I love the outdoors. I enjoy writing and drawing. I like to meditate , i try to better myself any chance i get. I believe that life is awesome and we dont appreciate the things, people, and events in life as much as we should. I want to find a Fun loving, happy, caring woman who loves life
What I'm Looking For

I try to get better constantly ... I am honest to a fault .... I am told i am very smart and wise but that is all relevant isn’t it ... I strive to better myself and help those around me when it is wanted .... Im searching for someone who understands life the world people themselves .. Someone who can say this is what i want and find a way to get it instead of waiting for it to happen .. Someone who sees there flaws and figures out a way to better themselves .. Someone who can figure out how to keep there other half happy without being told this is what I’m wanting you shouldn’t have to tell the one your with what you need constantly they should see it and give it willingly ... Someone who strives to learn and grow in life .. i want someone i can move forward with not someone who will hold me back and stunt my growth in life i’ve had that too many times ... some one who doesn’t have sexual hangup and can give themselves to there mate 100% and just enjoy belonging to each other ... someone who knows who they are and are honest about it .... someone who can share there feelings and thoughts with me and want me to share with them intimacy is sooo big in a relationship ... i feel i have allot to offer and want someone with the same ... i would keep on but i feel i have wrote too much already

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