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keep hooking, keep logging. Cant wait to get mine
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  Age: 40   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Essex United Kingdom
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I am simple and easy to approach so I think you don't need to build up extra strength and courage to write me just feel free...smiling! Love is all I have left to give' treasure it, I am what you think but positively... I believe so much in true feeling I can do anything for true love. I care about loving heart, I love to see people smile that's a personal hobby. Well I have more than you think to say... Feel free to buzz me and I will write you back....

What I'm Looking For

I want a man who can treat me like a queen, Uh, I see the truth in your lies
I see nobody by your side
But I'm with you when you are all alone
And you correct me when I'm looking wrong
I see the guilt beneath the shame
I see your soul through your window pane
I see the scars that remain
I see you Wayne, I'm looking at the...


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