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Take a second if you can, all nice girls welcome
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  Age: 34   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Florida United States
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  Clean Cut
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About Me

Me? Oh gosh, don't we all hate to talk about ourselves....?
I hope I construct an accurate self-image, I don't think I live in self denial ! xD

I'm California born and I moved around with a military family when I was a kid. I graduated from college in Georgia and now I work as a project coordinator at InLingua.

Taking life easy and being relaxed is totally my nature. I don't like when people freak out or take some things too seriously. I use humor a lot and sometimes sarcasm is really funny :p I feel that I have a lot of really close friends that always tell me I'm really loyal and dependable. I don't take close friendships lightly, I always have to stay in touch.

I used to travel frequently for work, but I just got stationed in Florida a few weeks ago. Sometimes I have to work a lot, but I do get a lot of vacation time and I always find new cool places to go.

And yeah sure, I like traveling, taking pictures, shopping, the outdoors, music/art, food, blah blah all the regular stuff.....

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What I'm Looking For

Definitely need to have good chemistry ...maybe most important of all (I think). I've found that, more than simply having things in common, it's way more important to connect and enjoy being yourself with someone.

(Hmm, I'm astonished with myself, I've never cared to articulate these thoughts before....)
So it's not a big deal if I don't like your TV shows, just as long as we like getting along with each other. Its our feelings that we can't right down ....ha xD

Ok but seriously, pessimism is bad for me. Some ladies that are too high maintenance as well, please look elsewhere. I also don't need a girl that is way, way too passionate about one thing (e.g. don't lock yourself in your room and paint all day, or don't get wasted at the club every night... that's bad news bears) Sorry.

So basically all I'm interested in is a nice girl who wants to be real and can act like herself when she's with me. If we could just start out as friends and then see if something happens that would be awesome. To find a fun little cutie who has a good heart would be really refreshing for a change.


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