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kitty lover
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  Age: 29   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Pennsylvania United States
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About Me

I am silly, fun, and lovable. I am 21, and about to finish school to be a phlebotomy and EKG technician! I love NFL football. I don't really care for college football. I LOVE cats! I have the best kitty in the world. I like to play sports! (basketball, tennis, catch, baseball, frisbie, ping pong, swimming) ect. Anything really!! PINA COLODA's are the best drink ever! It's like a milkshake with liquor!
Futurama is the best tv show! Meaning Bender is the best character. I like comedy and horror movies. Nothing else. I like to walk around the city....exercise. I am very body concerned! I play videogames! I like to go out and have fun (play pool, skating, bowling)ect. But I need people to go with. I don't like going by myself. I love chocolate!!! I have a red 04 Suzuki Forenza. But I really want a BMW! And I have wanted a BMW since forever. I love science (astronomy). And I love the beach and Ocean life. My favorite sea animal is seahorse. My fave actor is TOM CRUISE (he's sooo sexy). I like jewelry. No piercings, only one tattoo so far....(i want more, but I always tell myself do I really want them? Are they worth it?) And I want my man to NOT have any tattoos or piercings. Or smoking... If you smoke don't even bother talking to me! I’m really good at singing, i play trombone, videogames, exercise, i can tell if someone is lieing, painting, drawing, taking blood, saving money!! The first thing people usually notice about me is my shyness! I am very shy, but after I get to know people, that goes away! I always wait for other people to ask me things. I don't normally make the first move. I don't really read. soft rock is the best music in the world. I like 70's and 80's music. And the best food in the world is chicken!!!! and chocolate (I can't go a day without chocolate....that's my weakness)

What I'm Looking For

a happy, caring, passionate, lovable, sexy, honest, trustworthy guy! One who can treat me like a girl, and have no problem wanting to do anything! Espically one who can make me laugh! A funny guy is one of the best guys in the universe! Laughing is one of the best medicines EVER!

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