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I am looking for a woman to love and care for
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The Basics
  Age: 67   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: California United States
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About Me

A brief about me my Name is Scott Mark i am looking for a woman that i will get to know very well and we both can get married in the fiture..here are some things i Love..Sittin by the fire on a cold starry starry night....chocolate, dog tongues,beer, outdoor showers,air conditioned, accordions, early morning coffee, eucalyptus, dialects, sleeping naked in cool cotton sheets, cummerbunds, the desert, winter BBQs, "Pavement Ends," the piano, leather gloves, storms, wool, scuba, gumbo, cypress trees, mint, "The Sound of Music," hats, tequila, pelicans, daily, a crescent moon, mystery, curves, family meals, naps, dutch ovens, provocative, trains, skirts, coconut, a dead skunk in the middle of the road...
What I'm Looking For

Emotional maturity - A woman who understands how a thermostat works--can survive without an extra room for her shoes but as at least 2 pairs of boots, likes hats and can just put one on if we are in a hurry, can go to the bathroom outside, has skirts and cut-offs.... and knows how to use them, doesn't need 2 suitcases for 1 weekend, can say "I'm sorry," without an act of Congress, but loves to cook exotic things and makes me glad there are high-heels, Cosmo magazine and whispers to me for no reason. And perhaps the ultimate.... You have less than 10 things that MUST live in the shower
I have a passon for sailing. The feel of a beautiful boat slipping through the water in a seductive breeze is a renewing miracle and adventure to me…… its living art that arouses brilliant days and whispers primal nights, go to Corpus Christi, and more distant destinations when I can.most importantly, to spend time with a woman that cares more about us than she does about herself... my best friend who loves me for who God made me and blows my socks off with your love. I don't want 50/50, I want 100/100 and somebody who wants the same.


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