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unique mastermind taking over the world bom bom
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The Basics
  Age: 36   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Oregon United States
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  Very Short
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About Me

what i am looking for is someone i have something in common with.

so let start out with im 6ft im about average built(but am working out at the ymca so thats going to change) i have my own car my own income and my own apartment i dont lie i dont drink i dont smoke and i have 1 dog shes a weiner whippet named hannah she is my baby and i can explain why she is important to me if u want to know one thing that i wont have around my house is someone being mean to my dog my ex was like that and shes gone so if u like animals keep reading

hobbies: i go on road trips, i write poems and stories ive had a poem published which is pretty cool now only if i can spell correctly lol also i just joined the ymca i like working out there wouldnt mind having a work out buddy if u also r apart of the ymca i go on bikes rides(no motor) i have to get my cables fixed cause it wont change into any of the gears just one speed and that gets really tiring going up hills lol what else can i say i do i watch alot of movies i go to the therater and i rent alot i own alot to i watch pretty much any movie i like horror but ill even watch chick flick i did watch dear john and i didnt think that was a great movie u feel sad for him the who time so its like a stab in the heart for all the lonely people watching it i didnt read the book tho so i was told i would like the book better i know i know im not supose to like chick flick but if they have a good story and just a good movie why cant i

i dont liek to follow this thing cause ur a guy u cant cry or do certain things im not that way if i want to cry i cry if i dont i dont im not goign to hide who i am just to fit in

a goal: my main goal that ive been working on it living on a coast somewhere i like oregon but i havent really been to all the other coast outside of oregon i enjoy the rain and storms so i think oregon coast is fine for me also a goal is to break a three yr record relationship 3 yrs isnt that long if u think about it but i havent beat it yet

about me somemore heres a big one that kills alot of relationships and friendships i am brutely honest i do not hold my tongue i do not have a filter on what i say i dont lie im not being rude or trying to be mean im being honest with people and i will say something if i dont agree with it unlike most guys that hold there thoughts in and u never know what they r thinking i say whats on my mind so dont ask whats wrong if ur not prepared for whats going on in my head i just had that problem with a ex friend of mine her ex tried to harm her badly and he still stays at her house and i was getting upset about it she asked whats was wrong i told her and she got mad at me and stopped talking to me i have to say that happen all the time when i see something liek that that seems wrong i say something about it and people dont like my thoughts but im still going to say whats on my mind

i tend to talk alot of i have someone that talks back if im tbhe only one thats talking i find it boring and i stop talking i love having a good converstion

what makes me unique? u really just have to hang out with me and talk to me if u want to know its hard to explain myself im so different i have not found anyone that comes close to being like me i would like to find someone i have something in common with cause i know ur not going to have everything in common im rather random and i was told im to nice i have a habit of opening door for girls and walking a girls to there door its just the way i was raised and i know some girls hate it and think its strange but ill try not to if u say u dont want me to

thats another thing dont get mad over stupid things without just talking to me about it compromise and communication is key for relationships to work if u cant do that they why r u trying to date someone

u can send me a messege first like i dont mind a girl taking the the first step cause i really dont know so u dont have to be shy just send me something if u want to know more

What I'm Looking For

mostly someone i have something in common with thats fun has a humor side and that doesnt take everything to serious im not to picky really i like personaility so if u have a good personalit that works well with me ill probably get along with u

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