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Wanted: Nice guys
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The Basics
  Age: 33   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Utah United States
The Details
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About Me

I decided to re-vamp my profile. After dating many different guys, I now am more focused on what I want out of a relationship and in a partner. I want someone who is settled in life (which is why I often decline dates from guys that are students) and knows what he wants. I want a guy who is driven and passionate and can work as hard as he can play. I want a guy who would like a family someday or at least has not dismissed the possibility entirely. I want an intelligent guy who can hold a conversation. I am looking for much more than a phyisical relationship. I tend to date guys that are older than me (3 to 8 years older). I would like a guy who is sucessful in his career and has goals.

I am an educated person, so I would like my partner to be educated as well. I have 2 bachelor's degrees and had a full ride scholarship in college. I received the University of CA regents scholarship.

Here are some ways that others have described me:

-Hard worker and motivated person


-Would like to start a family sooner rather than later; I love kids and I want some of my own

-traditional girl

-knows how to treat a man so he will want more

-great smile

-Educated and a life long learner

-great body and makes an effort to keep it that way

-knows how to cook delicious healthy food; I love cooking with a partner and shopping for fresh ingredients. Some recent things I've made include grilled eggplant and mushrooms with garlic mayo on a whole-wheat bun, mahi mahi fish tacos with a fresh dill lemon sauce, a rum cake with glaze and raspberries, shawarma in pita bread with spicy greek yogurt sauce, shirmp scampi . I cook in a healthy way by baking instead of frying. I know how to make a delicious mojito and pina colada.

-love my family

-Creative; enjoys art galleries, movies, concerts and plays

-Loves to dress nicely

-Loves to go out and enjoy the world. Im not a homebody. I think we are young so we should experience the world to its fullest.

-Loves to be spoiled: Little presents, daytrips, flowers are always fun and appreciated

-Loves romance....flowers, a night on the town, massages

-Loves to travel

-Loves to stay active

-Loves the outdoors, hiking and the beach (I've hiked to all of the waterfalls I know of in Utah :)

-I've worked as a HS math teacher in an intercity school in a previous life and as a tutor for a wide range of subjects. I love to teach and help people understand subjects they are struggling with.

-I've spend many hours volunteering in hospitals, everywhere from the VA to state hospitals. It was a great learning experience and I also like to give my time.

What I'm Looking For

Here is what I'm looking for in a guy:

-You want something long term (if you say "not looking for something serious" then we probably won't get along)
-You are a gentleman: knows to open doors, pull out chairs, take off hats indoors
-Are sure you want a family within the next couple of years
-are educated and motivated
-like to live a healthy active life
-You like to dress nicely: I find a man in a suit irresistible :)
-You know how to plan a date. You can ask me about my likes or dislikes but you can take charge when needed
-as for the physical aspect : I generally like tallish guys (5 10 and above) but typically above 6 ft.
-I generally like brown or black hair (not attracted to most bald guys)
-Clean-shaven (I dont like most facial hair)
-Loves to cuddle and show physical affection
-Likes to communicate: communication is very important in a relationship
-knows how to be in a relationship and what it takes to make a relationship work; hopefully has been in a relationship before.


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