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The easiest way to learn about someone is asking!
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  Age: 26   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Scarborough Ontario Canada
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About Me

Well, I'm not one who thinks that you can know about someone from reading a 160 character or more blurb, so if you do have questions please ask, but I'll try to make this not sound like I'm trying to sell you a used car - and I'm not to sure the picture of me smiling like an idiot will help either, don't worry though, at least the mustard yellow walls and dieing plant are gone. The crappy plaster... wall thing from Greece still remains as does my silly expression.

Let's see... To start off I am a university student attending U of T studying psychology and anthropology - not quite sure what that will leave me with come graduation but I've been checking out some law schools and (god forbid) medical schools, either way there's probably someone out there actually studying hardcore for one of those while I am here typing who will in all likelihood will steal my spot, so in reality I'd love to get a post-graduate degree and that is my goal, realistically I'm studying so I don't live out the rest of my days in squalor.

As this seems like this has taken a depressing term I'll talk about things that make me happy. I like skiing a lot, although I've never been on a mountain larger than blue mountain so I'm not that good. I also really enjoy reading and writing - I think a good book is better than 99.99% of the sh*te on TV now; at least if Snooki or whatever was a character in a novel I could burn the book, be done with it and never hear about it again. I do like a good movie however; my favourite genre of both film and novel is science fiction. I love how modern day issues and problems can be transported to a different yet recognizable place they become glaringly obvious, yet in reality they exist unseen yet with strength of purpose in our own setting. While I really enjoy my passtimes, I have to say that I'm pretty horrible at all of them (save reading, which shouldn't really be something you're proud of past 6 years old anyway). That's okay though, they bring me happiness so who cares really.

Well, no comes the part most people are interested in anyway - if you've read this far good for you, if you've skipped past all that then shame on you. Nobody is perfect, and to be honest I'm a bit of a lazy. I am of average build, but used to be more muscular while I played hockey, and while I still exercise infrequently it's not a huge part of my life, this heath craze thats on now. I do enjoy walking though. I like to cook but for some reason I'm a very picky eater - case and point I've been making this bread for family get-togethers for like 4 years and have not ever eaten it once. I'm told its 'delicious' and 'totally artisan', whatever that means. It has raisins in it which look like the faeces of a small, arboreal mammal. Fun fact, I've never eaten an orange, ever, because it looks funny. To eat it you have to dig into it with your finger to get the thing open and its bright orange - nature uses aposematic patterns to indicate "I am poisonous", why would you eat that. Makes a good cleaner though...

Well as this has diverged markedly from my well thought out plan surveying myself I'll end things here because in reading this I sound like a freak. I don't actually care that much though, as flaws are always (guranteed) more interesting than, i guess you'd call them non-flaws... facts, I don't know actually. Think about it, what's more interesting: Lindsay Lohan wins world champion at the UN spelling bee, or, Lindsay Lohan reveals all about heroin,coke,oxy, shroom trip that caused her to shave and tatoo that little dog thing sje carries around or whatever. See, more interesting.

If you're either nosy or actually found any of this appealing in any way (I don't actually after reading it over) then send me a mail and delight in my awkward response that will make me out to be even stranger so you can tell all your friends about that nerd online who hates TV, oranges and raisins among other things.

Okay, now I'm ending things, the above statement (cf: paragraph 5 sentence 1) is a lie. If you get that reference you'll learn I like video games too, yay portal.

What I'm Looking For

Well, I'm not really that picky, mainly I'm looking for someone whose chill and fun to be around. I'm not looking to get married or anything so casual dating I guess would describe it well. If we click we click, its one of those "You'll know it when you see it" sort of things - like a persons perception of art or something i guess (if you understand modern art please enlighten me as to why a bunch of scribbles or a black and white picture of a nightwalker eating a bigMac or something is art - seriously, I actually want to know).

Basically I want someone to have a good time with. Maybe a movie or whatever floats your boat. (If you thought I meant sex when I said "have a good time with" then that is a generalization of men perpetrated by the media, and that's sexist. Or you have a dirty mind)

At the very least I want to be able to stand being around you for a couple of hours for a date or something and not be embarrassed to to be seen with you in public. (lol, when I put it that way I sound like an asshole, I'm actually not, but I'll leave it up because I think its funny.)

Wow, there are actually like only 15 girls from my own province who are even on this damn site. Oh well.


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