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Like a fine wine, I just keep getting better
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  Age: 58   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: New Cumberland Pennsylvania United States
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  Clean Cut, Casual
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  Yes - not living with me
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About Me

I'm a nurse, a woman who knows how to be a lady, energetic, driven, dedicated, genuine, sincere, caring, generous, & forgiving. In a relationship one is a reflection of the other. I am capable of making you look good, & I ask that you do the same for me. But behind closed doors, the fun can unfold in many ways. We can let our hair down, laugh while acting like kids, be playful & daring, wild & adventurous, or complain about the boss, look like crap first thing in the morning, wear sweats or whatever is comfortable, snore, sneeze, burp, etc. My view on life is that there are so many traits that are important. Looking deeper into a person and who they are, looking beyond their flaws, accepting their own flaws, & most of all developing trust with their partner, knowing that you can reveal your weaknesses to them & feel safe doing so, knowing that this person who says they love you would never use your vulnerability against you. I don't care to debate political views, put a high price on historical facts, or fight about money. Judging someone over material things is so superficial. I like having nice things such as a house, clothes, a car & a job. But it doesn't need to be a status symbol or an attempt at outshining the Joneses. Don't get me wrong though, if we're stepping out & your colleagues are going to be at a very important event, I can dress to the nines & don't mind spending to do so. And I won't disappoint you! Happiness between 2 people is just that. It's built on trust, integrity, & mutual respect. Setting goals together in life & working as partners to achieve them is crucial. Although in a science based career, I find the artistic side in me & draw on it for some of my passtime. Like gardening, stained glass, photography, & expressive writing. I love music, play a little piano, take Salsa dancing, & enjoy horseback riding.

What I'm Looking For

Age is not a factor. But if you act old & look old enough to be my father I may not be attracted. I am looking for healthy, fit, slender, toned, attractive, & neat. If you have a drinking problem, do drugs, have bad teeth or no teeth, live with your mother, flunked high school, have a criminal background, beer belly, or wear a camo hat that hasn't been washed in 10 years we won't be compatible.
I'm open to having different interests. It's an opportunity to learn more, share & teach each other new things. If you want to talk politics, I'm willing to listen, but please tell me what IS the solution. Finally, a man who brags about his lady & holds her in high regard, rather than bashing her along with his buddies at the bar or in the locker room is a true gentleman. And every guy around you will be envious. Chemistry is a must! We will both know it when the time comes, after that first kiss. I've still got a bit of old-fashioned in me, but I enjoy a surprise text out of nowhere, for no reason other than to say "hi. I was just thinking about you." You can fill in the rest.


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