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Looking for Mr. Right :)
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The Basics
  Age: 26   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Great Falls Montana United States
The Details
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Eye Colour:
  Blue, Grey, Green
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  Black, Blonde
About Me

My name is Sarah I am 20 years old. I am outgoing, love to have fun no matter what I am doing. I try to be optimistic about most things however I am far from being stupid. I am studying for a Bachelors in Criminal Justice and my career choice would to be a Crime Scene Investigator. I am laid back and for the most part leanient, however I know when to be serious. I love to laugh and make others laugh as well. I am a dog lover, perferably Bloodhounds. I love my hound dogs, although I do not have any at this current time. I am a huge movie fan. I work at a motel here in Great Falls and I am an office assistant. I do like to party, and occasionally I will toke it up, but for the most part I behave lol. When I drink I like my Jack Daniels, Captain Morgan, Long Island Iced Tea, Bacardi, Smirnoff, and somedays I like my wine coolers. lol I have a great passion for the NE Patriots!! GO PATS!!! I like to play football and basketball sometimes. I like to bowl, swim, walk etc. I love the beach (Wildwood) I thought it was beautiful. I do not have any children, however its crossed my mind a few times. I would like to get my career in order, get settled and maybe have a family. I have blonde or black hair, depending on my mood and if I dye it or not, however at this current time its dark blonde almost a light brown. I do have a few extra pounds that I would LOVE to lose lol. but hell who dont? lol. Music is my life. I personally have never been to a concert but I listen to all types. Psychopathic rap (I am a juggalette), Heavy Metal, Country, Rap, Hard Rock, some punk rock, techno, etc whatever I feel has a good beat, ill listen to it. I recently met someone who was in a band in Georgia and he actually gave me his CD and it was a death metal type, I liked that as well. I love my bon fires, and bbq's, I am family oriented, shy at first but if things are right I will warm up very quickly. I am a daily smoker. I am also bipolar, but I am working on controling it. I will sometimes have anxiety attacks but very rarely. If I sound like a person you would like to get to know more, please feel free to messege me! Thank you for your time.
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What I'm Looking For

I am actually looking for a man between the ages of 20-32. NO age does not determine you as a man, your maturity level does though. So if you are 30 years old still acting like your 15 then please dont messege me. I may be 20 myself, however I am mature for my age. I am looking for someone who has the same taste in music, movies, and interests as I do. Someone who is willing to try something new at least once. Some one who doesnt act fake or put up a front to try and impress me. JUST BE YOU. If it being you doesnt work out with us....then hey at least you gave it a shot. I expect honesty in any relationship such as friendship, intimate relationship or even a chat buddy, as I will be honest with you. I would like someone who can take a joke here and there, someone who is sarcastic, and not up tight. I dont mind guys who play video games as long as your not a WoW or LoL, or star wars, star trek fan. I am not into "gamers". If you like sports thats awesome! I cant play most, but I will try to watch lol I dont really have a type of look that I am looking for as long as the companionship is there. I dont need to have an intimate incounter to be happy. Dont get me wrong, being intimate is like the icing to the cake, however theres more to a relationship then sex. I would like to get to know a person before I jump right into something because I like to know when something feels right or not. As I have said before, if you feel you are the type of person you think would get along with me, feel free to messege me. Thanks again.

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