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looking for that one to change my world
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  Age: 26   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Sellersville Pennsylvania United States
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  Casual, Stylish
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About Me

my name is Sam. really easy-going. i like to try everything once. i honestly do like walking in the rain. i like my video games. i kick ass at guitar hero. i love driving. bucket list: skydiving, drive at least 1 exotic car (ferrari, lambo, etc), travel to italy, drive on the Autobahn (sp?). (thats just a little bit of the list haha). im an avid non-reader. i dont even remember the last time i read a book. i love watching movies. grew up w/ 3 sisters and my mom, so i love shopping. i hate getting my picture taken. i love computers. mac all the way. chains and whips do not excite me. i get along with girls better than guys. i've been known to talk on the phone for a LONG time with people. i love to sleep yet i love to stay up really really really late. i love chocolate. candy in general really. favorites being gummies and anything peanut butter flavored. i love energy drinks. i love girls in a hoodie and sweatpants. i like them being themselves, a lot of make up disgusts me. i like a girl to be real. i have an extremely sensitive side. i am a cuddler. big time. sit me in front of a tv, on a couch, with a girl...life is complete. im honestly sitting here just thinking of things to write. i like wearing my pj's around all day. even out places at times. i find it funny that my mom always asks me for help with her phone and computer cuz apparently i'm a genius. i work at Red Robin. busser, host, dishwasher. its alright. they suck at giving me hours. haha. i drive a cavalier. i like cars. a lot. those few times a ferrari or lamborghini drives by, i tend to get shortness of breath out of pure awesomeness and sexiness. the most expensive thing i've sat in was a porsche. i don't go to church much. i've been known to be a rebel. even though i'm really not. i feel that this is getting rather long. most of you have probably stopped reading this now. i find great humor in the simple things.
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What I'm Looking For

someone who loves to be herself, isn't extremely self-conscious of how she looks. one who can go out and have a crazy night, or stay in and cuddle on the couch watching tv. spontaneous. loving. short is always good(;

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