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Looking for something genuine and real
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  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Texas United States
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About Me

Basically I'm not the average guy who likes to go out and get drunk off his ass and party. I'm not looking for anyone who is just in it for games or doesn't know what they want. I have good manners my parents raised my right never been to jail or arrested LOL at those fail dudes. Anyways I have lots of love to give it just has to be the right person :D

Pretty much any mario game is awesome for example like mario kart I will destroy you at it :D if you think you got the skills bring it I love a good competition lol. If you have lots of spunk in you that’s always a bonus too. My all time favorite game has got to be either kingdom heart series or the legend of zelda games c: probably kingdom hearts though because I've grown up with that game since I was in the 7th grade lol its awesome :D.

I like kids they make me laugh and I can also be the sensitive type. If you're just here because you don't know what your looking for don't waste my time or yours...

What I'm Looking For

I would like to meet someone who shares some of my interests. Is past the party stage in her life and knows what she is looking for. They’re not too serious about everything and they know how to joke and can laugh with me even at the dumb things. Someone who isn't afraid to tell me everything about themselves, no secrets please lol and in return I will be truthful and honest as well. Don’t want any swingers or girls who are into 2 guys at a time kind of thing. A woman caring and warm hearted who wants kids eventually in her life. She has to be bold and hard to get is good too I’d like a challenge it makes things more interesting XD I’d like her to not just be a friend but also my lover.

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