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Hello I am New..
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  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: North Carolina United States
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  Casual, Trendy
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About Me

You will need to fill this in before I am From NJ.
I live in Colorado Springs.
I work very hard.(sometimes I even sleep at the office)
I am spontaneous.
I am learning how to cook. (trying to get the hang of my crockpot)
I like to go out to eat but I am trying to learn how to cook when I have time.
I love football.(49ers Fan)
I kinda work in the medical field.(I have many more responsabilites beyond medacine.)
I am very busy mainly from work.
I love my apartment. Its sweet.
I like being underwater. Had the best time Scuba diving in Key West..
I want to do some free diving eventually.
I go out typically once a weekend downtown.
I love party music like LMFAO but will listen to anything with good lyrics and/or good lyrics.
I love to dance.(do i fistpump? YES!!! on rare occassions)
I can find any movie amusing but like the ****ed up ones the most(closer, crash, last kiss).
I am forgiving(dont take advantage of this) and persistent.
I love my couch.. its sooo comfortable.
I like to lay on my couch and watch marathons of anything haha.
I am eventually looking for a relationship but mostly want to surround myself with fun, outgoing, good people.
I am very blunt.
I do not play games.(if you want to know whats up.. i will tell you)
I am educated.
I miss the beach.
I love adventures.
I love youtube videos.

I kinda liked the profiles I read like this so I re did my bio like this. If you want to know more shoot me a message. This is all I thought up while i was sitting here.. It takes time to know me cause I am a complex person i guess haha.. So shoot me a message and lets start having some fun together.

What I'm Looking For

I am looking for someone is a bit spontaneous like me. Someone who likes to go out a bit and have fun but then can understand when I am beat from work its a movie night haha...

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