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Semi-antisocial seeks same.
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  Age: 26   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Clear Lake Texas United States
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About Me

I'm not what you would call a people person. Don't get me wrong, I can work with them just fine, I can get along with them, and I'm not what I'd call socially inept, but there's a great percentage of them that I simply don't like at all. Like asparagus. Fuck asparagus.

I'm also not always a big talker. I like talking, I like having conversations, but some days I'll wake up and just not feel like talking and become a mime until I simply can't avoid it anymore. On days like that there's nothing wrong, I'm not upset, I'm just enjoying being by myself, even if I'm not by myself.

I appreciate sarcasm and have the innate ability to find humor in anything. Now, a lot of people say that as a way to fill in personality gaps. Kind of like saying "I enjoy long walks on the beach" It's just a cliché used to sound more appealing. Not with me, no, I will literally mock anything and everything. My religion, your religion, your parents, both sides of the political fence, abortion, murder, rape, natural catastrophes, and how Indian food affects me (which can be considered by some a natural catastrophe).

Music-wise I'm very...varied. Bullsh*t by Mindless Self Indulgence just finished playing and now Television by OK Go is on, next in the queue is the Ink spots and after that is Tchaikovsky. So yeah, I jump around. Mostly I stick to various flavors of Rock, but I can also be found in electronica, vocal, classical, show tunes, and one instance of Russian Pop. Go figure. Two Genres I simply cannot deal with are Rap and Country. Sorry. Rap culture is too ostentatious and country is too...country. Bleh.

When I'm not writing, working, or going to school I can often be found behind my desk playing some sort of video game ranging from the very niche like Dwarf Fortress (ugly as sin and complicated as French Women) to wide-appeal games like World of Warcraft (Yes, you may now begin making fun). Speaking of computer-related activities, I also dabble in programming and am currently trying to teach myself C++. It's fun, but hard as hell and I'm beginning to realize I might need a teacher, or at least someone to nudge me in the right direction now and again.

Also, I am about...16%-35% Evil.

What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for someone...well, someone who doesn't annoy me. This is actually much more difficult than you'd think, as there are a great many disqualifies for me. I don't like country girls, I don't like potheads, I don't like party girls or prissy bitches, I do like bookworms. Those are nice. Anyone who understands Shakespeare is a good start. Really anyone who can express a valid opinion on literature wins points. Literacy in general is a requirement. You don't have to be perfect, but intentional fucking-up of the language is grounds for me not talking to you anymore. There is no y in "like", "that" does not begin with a d, and there are three letters in "you".
Not that I require you to be a fellow English Major. Smarts in general will be looked well upon. Physics, biology, psychology, or just general, nonspecific being smart. All are welcome. Even math Majors. I hate math. Nothing personal, Math Majors.

Ability to have an intelligent conversation is a must. If you can't hold a conversation then what are you? Boring, that's what. I'm not asking you to deliver a dissertation, just be able to express yourself. I don't mind being shy, I don't mind not having an opinion, there's a difference between that and simply not being interesting.

Reading over this, it sounds a little demanding and pretty negative and hey, I'm kind of okay with that. I know what I like. Also know, however that these are not hard and fast rules. If I believe one thing it is that there is an exception to every rule. No exceptions.


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