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Drama free and fun-loving!
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  Age: 48   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Georgia United States
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  Clean Cut
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  Smokes only when drinking
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About Me

I’m confident but not arrogant. I would rather spend my time outdoors doing anything, although there really isn’t much better than an occasional quiet night at home sometimes. I love music and art, minus the tea cup and the outstretched pinky finger. I’m a sappy, hopeless, lost cause romantic and would have it no other way… not the roses every other month kind of romantic, but the kind that makes our toes curl. I need a little time for myself every now and then, but I’m not distant. I’m not afraid of public affection, as long as it’s not something that can only be seen on the internet! :O! I’ve come to be very proud of the man I am, and have lived up to being a role model for my boy and daughter. I'll tell you what's on my mind, but I believe that there's a way to do it without being abrasive. Honesty shouldn't have to come down like a hammer, but it needs to be there. Passion and openness are important to me, and I'm not afraid of showing affection. It's such a healthy thing for a relationship to show it, and if you can't...you must not mean it.

What I'm Looking For

I’m looking for a best friend with someone who wants to be one… someone who has taken the best out of the worst situations in their life, and has turned them into strengths…someone who wants to be a partner in crime (…minus the police record)… Warm and affectionate, someone who can be playful, joke, and poke fun at each other like old friends…someone who has had every reason to be afraid of falling in love again, but isn’t afraid, because of what it could mean… a woman who is strong and independent, but has every ounce of her femininity still, and is not afraid of letting her guard down sometimes….someone who knows that the world isn’t flat but would be willing to jump off the edge without a parachute with me, just in case it is…someone who will jump in the car without a destination in mind, or who will get on a plane and see the places they’ve always wanted to see, instead of keeping them on a perpetual “wish-list”. I’m a dad of 2, and unbelievably proud of it! My dream-woman will know what that means, and will be OK with the fact that my time with them is precious. Children are never a liability, and add so much to a relationship. I hope to find the one person who can’t help but tell everything about herself in her eyes, even if she can’t say it out loud…oh yah, and someone who will tell me if my cooking sucks, instead of sparing my feelings. Pizza Hut delivers if it’s too bad! Ha!

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