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  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: mukilteo Washington United States
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About Me

The only reason I'm on here is to meet you, If you don't want to meet me then piss off.

I like to cook, bike, ski,snowboard, and design/build cool shit. I recently moved here from the Pittsburgh area to be a mechanical design engineer for an aerospace machine supplier. I'd love to sail around the world someday.

And since so many of you gals are hung up on the proper use of they're their, there, your and you're, I got that shit covered. I'll even throw in a ";" once and a while because I had the great misfortune of working as a technical writer for 8 months.

What I'm Looking For

...you must have a reliable mode of transportation, I'm not a chauffeur.
...you must be smart and be supporting your own ass.
...you smell wonderful
...you don't have a kid(s)
...you don't mention a love for a God or Jesus in your profile.
...you should be college educated.
...you must eat meat.


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