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Michigander now in the South
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  Age: 37   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Huntsville Alabama United States
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  Athletic, Average
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About Me

If you are a fan or have seen the show How I Met Your Mother, I feel I can relate to the main character, Ted, on that show. I take every bad date or breakup with a grain of salt knowing that it will bring me closer to the woman of my dreams.

Oh, and I'm from Michigan.

So yeah, it's been a wild journey and almost a different type of culture moving down here and living here. I've been here since August and I do love in down here. My only regret is leaving my friends and family. But I have met some really great people down here and am very fortunate of that.

What I am doing with my life... I did graduate from Central Michigan University, with the intentions of getting into hotel management. My first real job had nothing to do with hotels, which is why I left to move down here. Currently I am working multiple departments at a hotel here with the intentions of moving into management. I am currently applying for management positions and will not stop until I am there at the top.

I love to run and work out on my free time. I am also addicted to watching NHL hockey along with baseball and college football of course. But, most importantly, I love to add variety in my life. I like to go out and experience the city and try new things.

Life is too short to live each day the same. I think it's good to try new things... foods, places to go, hobbies.

Also, I do need to update the pictures on here. My camera is dead and need some new photos to put up on here. I'm working on it.

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What I'm Looking For

I don't know! I'll be honest. Just like almost anyone, I'm looking for love. Most likely I won't find it on this site but I would like to go on a date and if it led to more, then great. If not, oh well.

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