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  Age: 39   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Danville Virginia United States
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About Me

I'm a leader not a follower just remember you can't bowl 300 in another person's lane. I'm pretty laid back and not into drama or bs that's not my style at all. When I'm not at work I like to play video games with friends or we get together and watch football I'm a New York Giants fan and yes 2/5/12 was a good day for us they are the champs! When it comes to tv I like house, golden girls, history channel, intervention, hoarders, tru tv, nat geo, family guy. With music I listen to pretty much anything from beatles, beach boys, hendrix to eminem, insane clown posse, and nickelback. In the summertime I spend all my free time at the lake or pool that is my favorite thing to do its very relaxing and fun. I like meeting new people and making people laugh I'm a lil comedian lol.
Family(Family is so important I was raised by a single mom and she sacrificed a lot for me I would do anything for her and nothing will ever break that bond)
Mountain dew (I’m addicted to it)
Video games (I’m very competitive and it erks me when i'm losing playing online and knowing its probably a 8yr old on the other end whooping me all over the screen lol)
Music(Music is a lot like love its all a feeling and those of us in this world that aren’t good at expression ourselves music brings our feeling out and says the words we have been trying to think of its awesome)
Chess (Chess is a thinking man’s game and you have to have a lot of patience to play this and luckily I have plenty)
Tennis( I’ve played tennis since I was around 8yrs old and I’m good not saying I’m the best I’m just saying I’m pretty incredible lol)
Debating (I love a good debate we all have our own opinions about topics and I love hearing people’s outlook on things and a good debate tells you whether a person just believes what someone tells them or do they really look into things before they form an opinion)
Dogs (OMG I love dogs!!!! I don’t care how bad of a day I had or how mad I am put me around a dog and the stress disappears)
Writing (I like to write poetry it helps to get stuff out that I keep hidden inside)

There's no story that ain't been told
There's no gimmick that ain't been sold
There's no ocean that never been swam
There's no jobber that ain't been slammed
There's no road that ain't been traveled
There's no doctor that ain't been baffled
Ain't no thug that never cried
Ain't no preacher that never lied
There's no rumor that ain't been passed
Ain't no question that no one's asked
There's no tree that won't get chopped
There's no bomb that wont get dropped
Ain't no path that no one's laid
Ain't no beast that ain't been afraid
There's no feat that no one can
There's no saga that never began
Ain't no snow that didn't melt
There's no punch that ain't been felt
There's no skill that no one's learned
There's no planet that He ain't turned
There's no view that never dissolved
There's no problem that ain't been solved
There's no tale that no one's told
There's no beauty that won't get old
There's no garden the sun ain't beamed on
There's no shoulder that ain't been leaned on
There's no color that ain't been seen
Purple Red Yellow Blue Forest Green
There's no desert that ain't seen rain
Nobody here that ain't felt pain
There's no bigot that ain't been clowned
There's no treasure that I ain't found
Ain't no cave they never explored
Ain't no mother that ain't been ignored
There's no leader that ain't been lead
There's no blood that ain't been shed
There's no dish they never made
Ain't no brick they never laid
Everything left's been done before
Nothings new, nowhere to explore

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What I'm Looking For

I'm looking to meet new people and see what happens I just go with the flow its a lot easier that way and a lot less pressure

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