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  Age: 61   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: California United States
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  Yes - not living with me
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  Very Short
About Me

Where to begin, this part I'll keep short. I love to remodel homes and bring something dull and plain into life! I love kids!!!

I like the outdoors and nature as that is where I have spent all my time during my years of work. Camping, walking, a run are my passions or watching a movie especially during winter months with the fireplace going.
I tend to stay at home more than go out especially during winter months. I do want to begin and travel quite a bit more during the winter where it is warm and enticing and to see the world.

I am a little shy at first until I get to know someone. I cherish the important things in life, especially the people that really matter and are close to my heart, I never forget my priorities, obligations and commitments. I will never let a day or moment go by without that look or touch given to show how much you mean to me and how important you are in my life (a hidden romantic). I will always give you that feeling of belonging and knowing that I am there for you no matter what, whether it be a small hug or a kiss on the back of your neck, even when we are busy!

I am happy and content, but it would be so nice to meet that one true love that makes my world feel complete. I love my job, and just being me. Most times I am quiet, but can be quite funny at times and usually I will try just about anything. I can dress up or down but mostly prefer to be casual in a home setting. I am smart, and think life is about caring and loving someone that captures your heart. I listen to all kinds of music RandB, country and rock. I am a morning person and love to watch the new day begin. I love being close to any type of bodies of water. It is calming and relaxing. Now all I need... is that special person to share this with.

I'm finding that the best way to ultimately get to that point, is maybe to start out meeting someone as an acquaintance with the potential to develop into dating and ultimately end as partners for life. Less pressure for everyone this way to see if the chemistry is there!!

As for the rest of me; you will have to find out later and on your own, as there are alot of layers to peel off to really get to know me

What I'm Looking For

i am easy going and i like people who are honest.i am open minded and free spirited.it is important to have a sincere and loving partner.life is too short so its good to live it to the fullest.my motto is live and lets live.there could be ups and downs in life and change is the only constant thing.It is we who makes life difficult for ourselves and the people around us can be a factor as well.It is good to be good and it pays.
I need true love and someone who can always be there for me and make me feel loved and wanted


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