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Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginativ
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  Age: 43   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: New Mexico United States
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  Hazel, Grey, Blue   Green
  Yes - not living with me
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  Shoulder Length
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I love to read and travel; I have lived in Europe and all over the United States and can't get enough. I also like to stay home and watch a good movie or TV show.Im a very honest and forthright person and consider myself to be a tolerant person and feels that everyone is entitled to his/hers own approach to life. I tend to be a dreamer and my imagination has a tendency to runaway with me. I can be cool and aloof but once I warm up to you im friendly and inviting. Im optimistic by nature and always tend to look at the positive sides of things. I have an unusual mix of old fashioned and progressive values. I can sometimes be inconsistent and unpredictable; I like to say my hobby is having hobbies. i have many interest and enjoy pursuing them, but be warned i change my mind all the time. I love to experiment with new ideas, approaches and concepts, just to see what works. I can be a bit unemotional and yet have strong passion. Im content to intellectualized and discuss abstract feelings and love to have meeting of minds. other members
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What I'm Looking For

i married young and didn't date when i was younger. i don't have a ideal man in mind. im open minded and i believe that the process of dating is some what a self discovery process

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